I did WHAT with a Game Used Bat?!?!?!

I'm not sure what it is with kids these days wanting to take pictures of them holding a lot of money and posting it on facebook/twitter/instagram.  I guess it is because it makes you look wealthy - you want to put to rest the whispers of friends, family and neighbors that you might *gasp* not have several one hundred dollar bills at your disposal to fill a bath tub and take a picture of. Here is one of a kid that apparently stole the money, took a pic and posted it online #genius. Apparently this is a rapper of some

The Great-Grand Gold Border

In the early 90's, I believe it was, a new, cutting edge type of comic book came out by the name of the Walking Dead.  It was a very limited run.  I was not into comics, nor am I now (though I do enjoy the thought of having them, plus, I've sold about 40,000 of them over the past 4 years or so.) When the tv show hit, the prices sky-rocketed.  Whenever I would sell a lot of comics, the first question was "Got any Walking Dead?"  The answer would always be no.  Why?  Because they were very scarce ...

Adventures in Tech Support

Let me start off by saying #1stworldproblems I've been having wifi connectivity issues for a while now, so I got comcast out here to take a look today.  We do not have tv or cable - just internet.  Our downstairs laptop runs through a projector so we watch our tv that way. MLB.TV has been great!  But I really, realllly miss MLB Network - especially Quick Pitch in the morning.  The technician told me I could go on chat and ask if and how to watch MLB Network online.  Great! Tonight, I hopped on and casually spoke with a support

Pacific Embossed Cards and the Incognito Effect

I've had a LOT of awesome pickups recently, but here is a more unique one. I was cruising online to see if anyone had a nice lot of Canseco I did not have, and lo & behold, someone had something that I hadn't ever seen before. Pacific Show/Expo embossed cards. They are cool enough w/out a back story, but the history of them make them definitely worthwhile. You cannot really tell they are embossed until you tilt them in the light, and then they pop. Back in the 90's, Pacific setup at card shows with a promotion where you could

Help! The Hobby is DYINNGGG!!!!

Boy, have times changed.  As a kid who grew up in the 80's and 90's, when you would turn on an "oldies" radio station, you might hear songs from Elvis, the Temptations, the Beatles and Johnny Cash.  We thought we could re-live how life was for our parents growing up by watching sitcoms such as the Wonder Years. Fun fact, did you know that THIS is the guy who was the narrator for The Wonder Years?! Yeah, I know!  Blew my mind too. Jokes would flow about asking your parents how it was to have a dinosaur for a pet,

Fantasy Baseball has a Whole New Meaning

Fantasy baseball.  A fairly recent past time for fans all over America - it is an obsession for many.  One that I have never indulged.  I've been told that since I'm such a baseball freak, I'd probably do pretty well, but I just never have gotten into it. Whenever I think of Fantasy Baseball, visions of dragons breathing fire at baseball players come to mind.  Baseball players with swords instead of baseball bats.  Am I alone in this?  Probably. But it gave me some ideas for my latest creation.  I've been thinking about it for a while now, and since

When cards serial #’ed to 100 might as well be #’ed to 1

In a quest to find more of the newer Canseco cards, I've found that many of the serial numbered stuff (as high as 100-200) are simply not available for sale online. In the past few months, I have come a long way in understanding the twisted mind of a player collector. It isn't just a function of how much money you want to throw out there. That is far from reality. I thought if you had money, you could make quick work of your want list and stake your flag at the top of super-collector mountain, proclaiming you as the

A Million Cards – $10,000 Worth of Cards in just 2 Boxes Alone!!!.

Today was destined to be a good day. My taxes are done, and today is opening day.  Life is good.  Then, I got a note stating that our flood insurance went up by $250 and I was going to be charged for a server overage of $80.  D'oh!!! It is ok though ... because it is still opening day.  Plus, I caught wind of a collection that was supposed to be pretty hot stuff.  There we a few pictures that accompanied the ad for the collection - the lead pic is shown below: Pictures rarely, if ever, show the entire

A Posting too Hot for the Forums!

The online forums do not allow such heavily "religious" articles, so this one will only be published on my blog.  This was initially intended as a message for the pre-teens in our Bible study group but it was cancelled, so hopefully this will be well received here, online! For years, we have watched American Ninja Warrior.  We know about Kacy Catanzaro, the five foot tall girl who was the first female to make it through the course.  She has over 10 million views on youtube.  We are very familiar with the announcers, and some of the other ninja warriors.  A

Has this newest card release gone too far? This is downright creepy & gross.

A good friend of mine (who is a full-time dealer in the area) sent over the selling brochure of a new card release. It is the most polarizing card issue ever because dealers either refuse to carry them, or buy as much as they can.  The manufacturer is now completely sold out!  It has an *AMAZING* checklist, too. I'm not supposed to show the sell sheet as it is supposed to be dealer only, but since they are already sold out, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. I was told that the autograph mention below is a jab