When 756 Cards Just Isn’t Enough

You know you have a problem when you are chasing the entire set of 2007 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History.  756 cards of stressful, anxious goodness.  The thought of doing something like that growing up would have given me great dreams and horrible nightmares!  Imagine trying to complete an entire set of 1989 Topps, but instead of 99% of the cards being commons, they are all of the best player in the world. You know you REALLY have a problem when 756 cards simply is not enough.  I was approached by someone saying it bothered them that there weren't

Customs with a Home Run Game Used Bat & Ball

This week has been stuffed to the gills with making customs for people who won my customs contest & customs just for fun for my own collection.  While it has taken a long time and kept me busy, it sure has been fun. I was kind of bummed about Topps not making a NOW card as a throwback of Canseco, so I made my own. After I did that, I thought HEY!  What not do one of Tim Tebow on the Mets? and what about Ginny Baker from the new show Pitch? As if that weren't exciting enough, why not

When Supercollectors Trade

Supercollectors are an interesting breed. For us, buying a card is easy.  Finding a card is hard, and trading with another supercollector is extremely hard.  Why? Because you generally have the same cards, and if you don't, that means the card is EXTREMELY rare, and you likely will not want to part with it. That is what makes my latest deal with AJ blog-worthy.  We both knew we had cards each other wanted.  He initiated the conversation, and brought up this card that I had picked up a few months back: This is from the famous Wheeler Collection!  I don't

Monster Mailday! 10 Packages

My wife alerted me to a package I had on the porch.  When I opened the door, I saw THIS: (If you don't get the Manny Ramirez reference, check my previous blog posting.) Anyway, here is the video of me opening up all my new precious!

Photoshop Battle – Manny Ramirez

One of my favorite walk-offs was in the '07 playoffs when Manny knocked it out and stood at the plate with his hands raised in the air for about 45 minutes. I have enjoyed seeing photoshop battles online, and wanted to do a few myself.  If you wanted to as well, I have cut out one below.  Just save to your computer and tweet out to @tanmanbbfan with the hashtag #photoshopbattlemanny Anyway, here are a few of my entries. Some stupid. Some funny. All Manny. How Manny would you say? This Manny.... Your turn!  @tanmanbbfan / #photoshopbattlemanny A few others

Collecting Canseco Volume 3: 1986-91 Donruss Video

I babble quite a bit for the first 4 minutes on the history of Donruss, without showing anything really so feel free to skip to around the 4 minute mark if you don't care and just want to see the collection!

2016 Topps Archives Signature Series: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

On the forums, I've spoken ad nauseum (satire & otherwise) about the problems I have had with Topps coming out with their 2016 rendition of Archives Signature Series Buybacks.  I have gone back and forth, and decided to do a "blog only exclusive" article here to share my final thoughts. THE GOOD You can get copies of buybacks that weren't previously available in 2015 New for 2016 are buyback jersey/relic cards (sweet!) THE BAD There is (again) NO checklist They were released a mere 9 months or so after the last release They look VERY similar to the 2015's.  Very

Radicards Interviewed Me … Video Inside!

38 minutes of baseball card talk goodness awaits you with the click of the youtube video below!  If you are interested in learning more about Radicards, check them out at www.radicards.com

A Very Mouschi Contest

[EMAIL CHIME] Hello Tanner, I ran across this Jose Canseco card, and was wondering if you would be interested.... [EMAIL CHIME] Hey, Tanner!  A friend of mine just pulled this Canseco!  You can email him at... [EMAIL CHIME] So, you are the crazy moustache guy that makes customs and loves Canseco, right?  If so, I saw this Canseco get opened in a break.... ---------------- I get messages like these every day.  The only way it could possibly be any better is if more of you did it!  I want to SINCERELY thank everyone who has ever even tried to put

Solution to “Ugly” Printing Plates

Someone posted the question "Why do so many people dislike printing plates so much?" My response was that as this hobby continues to have more and more high end pieces, we collectors see our cards more like art, thus making the aesthetics factor very important to us. Because of this, plates are not at the same level, because they are...well...ugly. I personally love them. I love having a piece that is used to create the entire run of a certain card. I got to thinking though, what if the companies started to instead, chop up printing plates and embed them