Flip Quest Update – A doozy

How appropriate that, on the last day of the regular season, I have a good update to give.  I am now profitable on everything.  The million card deal and the thunderbird deal are both official money makers for me (pops champagne cork).  As far as bulk goes, I still have TONS ... like ... 98% of everything, and I still haven't hardly touched anything.  I did, however, sell the bulk of the "good stuff" that was immediately visibly evident from both collections. In addition to this, I picked up another small $100 lot from a friend who came over with

Custom Gypsy Queen Mini for a Friend

A friend of mine came over today to pick up 100 boxes of unopened stuff - the last of my "new" stash (the '06 to '12 boxes).  I found out it was his birthday, so I thought this was perfect.  He had spent a long time building the 2012 Gypsy Queen set, and a while back, he sent me a pic of him in uniform while on the phone.  The pic was apparently taken by a flip phone camera, so I was a bit worried about quality. After we talked about the 8,000 pound cardboard gorilla in my garage, I

Flip Quest Update!

When it rains, it pours. Aside from selling another book, the soccer lot, and 2 boxes of cards (with one pending payment) I bought another massive lot. This was from the same guy who sold me the unopened boxes last weekend. I had asked previously if this was all he had, and he said no. He said he had about 2x as much in loose cards in boxes, etc. but could not fit them in his truck. I asked if I could see them, though he was nearly an hour away, and he said sure! The day before I was

Flip Quest Update

Figured I'd do a little update. I bought a nice lot of refractors and inserts. Here are the pics. (Everything is already gone except for the soccer) I sold another book, the black ottoman, drafting table, the Ryan Howard A&G mini hand # card, geotrax set, baseball footbal & racing lot as mentioned above, and several boxes from the wax box hoard I picked up. Here is where we are at now. I may end up picking up quite a few more cards this weekend; I'm not sure just yet.

Another Haul?!?!

I just got back from picking up 150+ wax boxes from the 90's. Very cool stuff! Also included were sets, Nolan Ryan autographed baseball, etc. Here are some pics.  You take the good with the bad!  Thankfully, there was a lot of good :)

Mouschi and the Million Card Acquisition

If you have been following my flip quest, you have probably noticed recently that I have not been updating much - that is partially because I've been busy with other things (like house hunting for my folks, my deep love for making customs, writing articles, etc.) but also because I haven't purchased anything substantial in the way of cardboard. Until now. I was recently browsing some online ads, and ran across someone who said they had a million cards for sale. My mind immediately goes to the following: - the dude doesn't have a million cards - the cardboard mobile

Flip Quest Update

Not much change - just sold 4 other books for $28. Mainly showing this: MORE PACKAGES! I should be able to reveal what is going on soon :)

Starting my own card company – first offering inside!

OKAY, so maybe I'm not starting my own card company ... but I am looking and making some patch cards for the public. I've been accepting art commissions for a while now, so this is the first time I've made something cool to sell as-is like this before. As I watch baseball games these days, I can't help but see nothing but players wearing awesome patch cards all over themselves. As the camera zooms in, I think OOOHHH ... what an awesome letter set Samardzija would make ... not necessarily Ryu, though. Or ... OOOOH what an awesome commemorative patch

Update to previous post

UPDATE: I have now fully created 2 of them. One is a tweak from the original design, and the other is completely new. First, I had to make the frames to house the stitched pieces and ... voila! (chuckle) I say that as if it took a few minutes...nah ... all last night and all morning to come up with the following: Between the Stitches Gold Holofoil Black Stitch w/soon to be gold signature and, finally .... Signed & Stitched Silver Holofoil Green & Gold Stitch w/soon to be Silver signature I may just get the other 2 white faced

Custom Time: Between the Stitches

One card I have always loved the look of are Sweet Spot Signature cards. I think the idea was brilliant. Put a baseball cover embedded in a card, and have the player sign. Greatness! But the question looms: Do they really use actual baseballs? Upper Deck had various output issues. As you look at them through the years, you see different outcomes. Here is one that they did use a real baseball:   Kinda scrunched up. That isn't mind thing (though, if I had that card, I'm sure I'd be happy!) They also apparently tried a different type of material,