Strasburg Mania All Over Again!

I remember that night well ... it was 2010.  Everyone kept talking of this Strasburg dude, and he hadn't even pitched a single game in the bigs yet.  As I contemplated the greatness of Strasburgmania, and almost subconciously was a bit jealous that I didn't participate, I began to give excuses.  "It's speculation ... he may never make it.  I don't want to waste money!"  Then I got to thinking. "He has a baseball card out ... in bowman....doesn't Walmart and Target sell Bowman???" So out the door I went to scrounge up all the 2010 bowman I could get. 

Out with the old, In with the new …

If you have been following along, you have seen that I have been posting things about comics.  Last night, after being in my possession for a total of 8 days, the latest comic book collection left.  A guy who found an ad of mine online that was nearly 7 hours away, decided to make the trip out.  He ended up here with a truck at midnight.  At first, I was worried that they were going to fit, since we didn't do any measurements or anything.  Well, not only did they fit, they fit *easily* - and it was a fast

Yet Another Massive Comic Purchase

With how much I hated the idea of having a minivan years ago, I can't tell you how happy I am to have one now.  Almost exactly a month ago, I reached out to a lady who was selling her comic books.  She mentioned she had tons of long boxes filled with DC comics that were all bagged and boarded.  The price was on the high side for me, so while considering that collection, I ended up getting the collection I posted about before, which the majority has since moved on to a comic shop out of town, and various

Cardboard Alchemy

Cardboard Alchemy:  noun - The art of turning cardboard into gold.  Don't you just love it?  For some reason, I find extreme satisfaction of buying low, selling higher, *and* having left over cards.  Two weeks ago, I bought a killer Albert Pujols collection.  Pujols is my favorite player.  I love watching him hit, and I love what he does off the field.  Through a few avenues online, I was able to sell two cards in the collection to get a third of my money back, sell the bulk of it a week later to break even (this morning), and sold

Latest Transactions

So, the comics are gone - a comic & toy shop in the dallas area picked them up. It took 3 hours for the whole ordeal. From printing and paying for shipping, taping up the boxes, loading them up and bringing them to the post office. On the phone, the post office was very nice. They told me to drive around the back, ring the doorbell and someone would help me out. I did that, and the woman who "helped" me was ... less than courteous. She opens the door and looks at me "Well? What do you need?" I

Garage Sale Finds and Mailday Goodness

So, my wife took the kiddos to sell some popcorn for cub scouts and was kind enough to let me go out on my maiden solo voyage to hit up the garage sales.  I picked up a few Astros jerseys for $7.50 each, an oil painting for $2, and hit up an estate sale, which yielded 2 vehicles full of stuffed and mounted ducks for a phenomenal price.  But that has nothing to do with cards, so I won't go into all that mess.  Let's get to the main event!  I pulled up to this one sale, and saw some