“Your custom work and your writing keep me coming back for more! You definitely deserve to be in the next release of Allen & Ginter. I can honestly say that i would rather have your autograph than any other celebrity in A&G!”

Interested in telling me what you think about my writing or custom cards?  Feel free to leave it below or email me at

Great custom work as usual, and the McGwire autograph is something I find myself coming back to and looking at it over and over again. Wow! I’m trying really hard not to be jealous
Old Cardboard
Your work is Absolutely, Incredibly Amazing!! Mind — Blown!! You don’t even know. That’s how great your work is.
Speechless. How you aren’t the head of Upper Decks’, Topps’, or Paninis’ design teams is beyond me, and probably by your own choosing.
If this has been stated by others, please forgive my redundancy.

Why is it than an amateur (albeit a skilled one) can produce better cards than the professionals?

Nate Colbert 17
You have a big fan base. I can’t believe Topps hasn’t hired you yet they would do better in sales if the great mouschi made there cards at least the 1/1 or rare ones and they announced it.
Wow, you make some impressive/creative cards.Love your enthusiasm for the hobby.I really look forward coming here and reading what new card you came up with next.It’s almost like you are a mad scientist in your lab always trying to create something new or innovative for all mankind.
Although I probably don’t have the passion for any particular player that you have for Canseco, I do think that we share a creative mindset and a persistent attitude, so for that I like you from afar, and admire your contribution to our little world here. It’s guys like you who help me justify my nerdiness and passion for collecting cards (also in my 30s). I am very entertained and impressed by your efforts and look forward to witnessing more of your triumphs.
You had me at “So,…”
Mouschi, I love you. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t already married…

Wait, did I type that? I meant to say, “Cool stuff, man! It’s wicked awesome. You blow away the competition.”

Calling @Leaf… Are you seeing this?

I dunno if you post on other sites or not, but if the mods want to promote this site and drive traffic and conversation here, I say sign this guy to a site exclusive contract and promote the hell out of him, it’s bound to bring the people in!
Why you are not a rich and famous blogger/author/card creator/Renaissance man is beyond me. Or… Are you?
Great job as always, man.
Brisco Gun
Nobody can touch Mouschi’s collection after all of the personal additions.
This^^^^^^^^^!!!!!! If you don’t know. Go check it out!!!!
The Card Album & MrMasterpiece
Again, cards look great, the story is great, the jealousy is great…
Simply outstanding. You make a sullen guy trying to ponder why this site has problems get fired about about the hobby again! Amazing, artistic, inspirational, awe inspiring for a non artist like myself. I thought buying a ’99 ALL Star ball and having Pedro Martinez sign it (he barely looked up even though it was the middle of the day) was creative but what the heck do I know??!! WOW! I think my heart was all aflutter. I can imagine pulling something like that, from one of my all time favorites, out of a pack, I would PASS OUT!!! [Incredible] man, thank you so much for sharing all that!!
Honestly, if they can have air guitar champions and the like in A&G.. I don’t see why a custom-crafting story-telling mustachioed champion cannot be included. Someone get the petition started to get Mouschi in!!
First it was the clever writing, then came the incredible customs and now you have elevated yourself to god-like status with the ‘stache. As always, thanks for sharing.
Dude I was so in to this story….lol. you have a very creative mind to say the least and extraordinary custom skills.
Every time I read one of your posts I get pretty upset. Upset because you are not working at topps or panini. This is the kind of stuff that would not only save the hobby but give it that extra shove into the next phase. Everything has been done to death already and these companies are sitting around cranking out the same old stuff while we’ve got collectors with nothing to gain (so to speak) who are sitting around(on their own darn birthday of all days) cranking out masterpieces any collector would love to have.

Anyone else see a problem here?

Keep up the good work!

I wish I had a thesaurus with me to find the correct adjectives to use for this post, amazing, flabbergasting, and the usual rest just don’t cut it. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

As I was reading I was like, why didn’t he put a mustache on Jose, then, bam, there it was, awesome! But nothing compares to that game used bat card. I love how you took us visually through the steps also. You really should have your own card company!

Anyone else see a problem here?

Keep up the good work!

Tanner. Your one of the reasons I still come to the SCF. Great cards, awesome stories. Your creations are top of the line. Keep it up.
Very cool card. If you haven’t worked for a card company before you definitely should . Your designs are so much better than most of they stuff that’s coming out now. Keep up the good work .Hope to see more stuff in the future
The whole time reading i was sure there were some custom cards waiting at the end for me! Maybe your next post?

I’m hooked! It’s like those people that binge watch shows on netflix. I may need some professional help!

Simply put, Tanman’s custom Canseco cards have shown me that one man can make better cards than Panini, Topps, and Leaf’s efforts and it’s changed me as a collector…Today I collect mostly what appeals to me, well, I did … until I saw the amazing cards Tanman was producing. New innovations, styles, and creativity from one man was putting the big manufacturers to shame. Now, I only want the best of the best (or about 20% of what’s being released) all because Tanman opened my eyes. The days of inferior custom cards have come and gone and if one man has done this alone, just imagine what possibilities are just around the corner.

Not that he needs my help but if you haven’t visited Tanman’s site to see his customs or read his fascinating posts, do yourself a favor and spend the rest of your day there. It’s forever changed my view of our hobby and my 25-year chase for the perfect Jose Canseco collection. Something tells me this man is going to make a huge splash in this hobby in the coming months and years to come. I for one can’t wait to see what he has in store.