Lookie at what I got …

Just a bit of a brag here - mainly because I'm bursting at the seams excited here. BAM!!!!!! A BIG shout out and thanks to two people: Ryan, for hooking me up with the guy who had this card - check his link here:  http://sanjac88.wix.com/spainsportcards and Rasmus, my new collecting bud from Sweden who gave me a rocking good deal on it.  check his link here:  http://www.youtube.com/HolmbergsCorner Can't wait until I get the redemption in from Topps!

How to Become a Part Time Dealer – Part Two : Buying Tips

It has been nearly a week since I posted part 1 of this "How to Become a Part Time Dealer" series, and with some downtime now, I figured I would post the other part.  Here you go! There is a lot of emphasis on the selling portion of this - everyone is hot to sell things, but that is only half of the equation.  Perhaps equally important is the buying.  If you don't buy right, you can't sell to make a solid return on your investment. If you are new to the whole selling thing, or are dabbling in selling,

How to Become a Part Time Dealer – Part One : Selling Tips

I'll never forget it.  I was in 5th grade, and myself along with some other baseball card loving kids pursuaded the school to allow us to put on a baseball card show at the school, and use the tables as dealers would.  My folks allowed me to buy a few boxes of cards to sell them by the pack to customers just like my local neighborhood dealer / hero would.  I was in heaven!  Well, that is, until the kids started guilt tripping me into selling the packs for much, much cheaper than I should have.  That was actually a