How I’m spending my Friday Night …

My wife and son are out of town, so I decided to get a few boxes of baseball cards (2012 topps value boxes), rent a few redbox dvd's and order some pizza.  Lo and behold, I've got a pretty fantastic Friday night going!  I sat down and turned on the tv ... Yankees / Phillies.  What?  You mean I have cards to open, pizza, a baseball game on and movies for later????  Wow...this is turning out well, considering they are gone for the weekend.  I just saw Pineda for the first time in pinstripes ... and he got pounced.  I

Upper Deck … You are alright by me!

I spoke of this months ago, but I busted some SPA in November, and got an expired redemption for Matt Wieters :(  After doing some research, turns out that Upper Deck had been rumored to fulfill expired cards if the redemption was less than several months old.  I confirmed that on the phone with someone up there, but would need to call back after the new year.  I did, and they said they do NOT do that.  Frustrated / upset / etc. I kept calling, asking for the higher dude up ... to which I FINALLY got through.  He said

30,000 Stars, Rookies & Inserts … FUN!!!

So, I basically have a stockpile of cards that are stars, rookies, inserts, refractors, parallels, minis, short prints, serial numbered, etc.  If I had to put a number on it, I'd say maybe 25,000-30,000 or so.  Up until recently, I hadn't done any sorting, as I sell them in bulk.  I decided to have some fun, and dive in and sort out the following: All Peyton Manning - Filled a long box full of him All Favre / Brady / Romo - Another long box full Stafford / Sanchez / Bradford Rookies - about 100 of these Kobe / Lebron

Deal of the Year! If it weren’t for that dang lying thing…

"I have 60+ complete sets...many are from the 70's.  I also have several thousand cards from the 50's and 60's."  That is about all I needed to know in order to meet up with an older gentleman yesterday in regards to purchasing his collection.  After speaking with him on the phone, I found out that his wife had died, and he was ready to sell everything, then live in an RV and get out of town.  He said they were married for 40 years.  He said he spent countless dollars on sports cards years and years ago at card shows