Cards, Customs, Snow and a Surprise Text

Buckle in, peeps!  This is a long one... A few weeks ago, my wife had an idea - that we should consider helping serve as a woman's homeless shelter on Christmas morning.  When we told my parents, they decided they wanted to come as well.  We told some other friends about it too, and they met us up there too.  This morning, the 8 of us set out to serve in whatever capacity we were needed.  We weren't sure what to expect.  This past thanksgiving, we signed up to help serve the homeless, and we volunteers ended up outnumbering the

Parties and Topps Archives

In the past 7 days, the mouschi family has been involved in 3 parties.  1 party for the the youth group kids here, which I had to completely miss due to some work nightmares (imagine working upstairs when a ton of kids are running around laughing and screaming...mega fun, tell you what!) The next was a birthday party at "Art Class and a Wine Glass".  This was fun, because we were supposed to paint a picture with the help of a teacher: I decided to instead paint something a little different ... a Jose Canseco portrait! You didn't expect anything

What is your favorite product of 2015?

I think there have been between 40-50 different releases this year. I laugh about all the people people who cited the reason they left the hobby int he early 90's because the # of releases got out of hand :) So what is your favorite release so far? There are STILL about 6 products to be released in the next 20 days before '16, but I'm curious to see what YOUR favorite(s) have been so far.

Canseco Collection Video – Volume 2

I did another video of some of my Canseco collection ... check it out!

My Therapy

The past several months of work have been particularly frustrating.  From server issues, to programmer problems, to hackers, and more.  I'm thankful I have baseball cards and writing as an outlet to relieve the stress.  My wife, on the other hand, had other ideas this week. She decided that she wanted to go to the gun range.  With as much as I don't want to admit it, I've never fired a gun before, so we opted to take an hour lesson to get a handle on shooting and gun safety before buying one.  Our instructor looked and sounded like a