A Custom of a Different Kind

Know what I love?  Making customs of cards that don't exist or were never made.  It adds a certain layer of depth to my collection.  I suspect many of you who have customs in your collections feel the same way.  A '69 Topps Garvey, '66 Topps Ryan, 81 Fleer Ripken, etc. In the past few weeks, I have focused on creating a few cards that never existed and modifying others. I found this autographed 2011 Goodwin Champions on an advertisement sales sheet for the set.  It didn't look familiar, so I checked my collection.  Not there.  I also checked Becket. 

My Top 10 Game Used / Autographed Cards in My Collection

Someone online posted a thread asking people to post their top 10 cards.  I tried going through my cards a few times to figure out my top 10, but ultimately got stressed out in the process. SOOO what I'm going to do is post my top 10 jersey/auto cards, because frankly, they are more like art to me than cards. Counting down from 10 ... I'm a big fan of Prime Patches ... I LOVE them. I love how there are different pieces and an autograph on it. Home Jersey, Away Jersey, Batting Glove and Hat. #/25 This 1/1 has

Does the internet burn down if this card is made?

We know that the card companies keep a keen eye on the forums and hobby trends.  I wondered to myself what if this card was made? Each side features one superstar of today, one superstar of yesterday, one legend and one high roller. Griffey Trout Harper Vizquel Galarraga Jeter Babe Ruth & Ty Cobb.  For those of you who don't know, Vizquel and Galarraga may just be the two that carry this card to the promised land (if it were real, that is.) I'd TOTALLY grab some popcorn and watch that at auction. ******IMPORTANT TO NOTE******* It has come to

Birthdays, Customs and Collection Additions

The month of May marks two important landmarks for me.  One, that I will turn 36 years young this Monday (I swear I don't feel a day over 34) and two, the birthday of something I have grown quite attached to.  My moustache. It has been a magical year - my first year as a moustachioed man.  Whenever I'm down after having eaten a delicious slice of cake, my moustache brings me great joy by surprising me with a little extra icing it saved me.  Through thick and thin, it still finds the strength to curl and make others smile.