Quick Flip Quest Update

Garage Saling was a bit of a snooze-fest.  I picked up the following: 4 PS2 games 2 drop leaf desks new in box from Ikea Nice oriental 29" tall dragon vase for $10 Rody (I've sold 2 of these for $20-25 each before)  $1 My favorite pick up of the day - Antique Taiwanese Chest $6 Yesterday, the last camera sold for $250 and the coffee table sold for $30.  Looking forward to getting more cards soon!

An Expletive Flip Quest Update …

Just a few things here to update. A baby gate we picked up for $1 sold for $40. The bumbo we got for $5 was sold for $20. I did a trade for these beauties: These plaques are of Canseco, Palmeiro and Giambi ... all of which include a game used ball - well, at least from the 2001 Big League Challenge.  Cool pieces!  I will likely rip off one of the ball pieces to use in a custom at some point, if they don't sell before I do! Last but not least, I traded for these beauties: Two GEM

Journey of a Thousand Jeters has Come to an End

Not too long ago, I opened myself up to the world of custom cut autographs.  I made these "nAutos" (not-autos) - I thought they came out pretty slick, even though there wasn't a picture of the players on them. It was from this point on, (actually, before this even) that my entire collecting / custom card creation hobby was turned around. Everything that had an autograph on it became a potential 1 of 1 masterpiece in my head! A Mickey Mantle signed ... ANYTHING could be turned into a work of art .... All of the card companies do it...why

My favorite day of the week…

I figured I would update this post since today is GARAGE SALE DAY. One of my favorite days of the week. First, all my cards have sold. I had gotten some in on a trade, but they are gone already too. So, this thread is now card free ... which will probably only last for a few days, I'd imagine. Here is the "stuff" I picked up today at the garage sale. First, this beauty. Note the uber serious gangsta look I'm sporting. Yes, I take my doll buying/selling seriously. (Actually, this is going to my dad to have him

So, you want to be a Sports Card Dealer Rock Star

Father’s Day Customs Edition: MONOPOLY & FOUR CORE STYLE

First and foremost, I'm going to have to give a shout out to my family - my wife and son for the BEST Father's Day present ... EVER. They got me a brand new Corvette! Okay, not really. They did something better! Over the past several days, I have found them sneaking around, locking themselves up in my office. One day after work, I shouted up to them "hey come down here, you two - I'm getting lonely!" Well, it was all worth it. If you know me, you know I am a bit of a Monopoly buff. Not that

Flip Quest Update 6/14/14

Well, today was garage saling/selling/sailing (which is it? no matter - I'll be sure to continue to use all of them interchangeably) day - over the first hour, I had ZERO luck. I think I just started out too early. I was able to shell out $30 clams for the following pieces of furniture: Solid buys, if you ask me! 1 educational book and all of my vintage cards sold as well! EDIT:  I forgot to post that the Game of Thrones cards sold also. Anywho, here is the update: DEAL TRACKER CARDS Card lot as shown in 6/13 post

Flip Quest Update

First ... AHHHHH!!!! FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now that I got that out of my system ... Quite a bit of movement this time 'round. I sold the 3 home security cameras, one of the other type of cameras and photography equipment. I also picked up another nicely diverse lot of things ranging from baseball, football, race cards, soccer and game of thrones. One of the Game of Thrones autos is a $70-80 card, the Bridgewater auto is #5 of 5 and the Ricketts is #1/5. The Trout is really slick also! Those are the stand outs. Selling in lots

Flip Quest Update

After being out until nearly 2am last night with some friends (as party-animal as that sounds, it was just a few of us hanging outside a bar. Well, at a fro-yo store that was next to the bar!) I was really debating whether or not to go garage saling with the wife the next morning. After all, I only had $53 to invest in my flip quest.  The flip quest is really what has been motivating me to go these past few weeks. I'm glad I went today! I picked up a few small things, but the really good purchase

A weekend of meeting my childhood heroes – A story of customs and autographs

As a kid, you always dream of meeting your favorite ball players. I was fortunate enough to have met Jose Canseco twice over the past two years. Whenever someone would go to a show, I would always think that the people who paid these big bucks to get autographs were ... well ... nuts! Why pay $100 on an autograph, when you could get them on ebay for half or less? As I have been creating custom cards over the past few months now, my eyes have been opened. What a rockin' ice breaker to be able to talk to