Friday and Saturday Pick Ups

I feel like I'm a high roller with all the money I've been putting out recently for cards!  Actually, I've been putting up record breakingly low prices for things.  I'm not sure how I keep running into these deals.  Many of them aren't super-awesome-fantastic.  They are just THERE, and they are not a risk, because I know at a minimum, I can make a small bit off of them.  Particularly, these $10-20 deals I run into that I feel confident I can have fun with, then pull $20 profit out of or so.  Friday night, I met up with a

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.  The good news - I picked up a pretty good deal last night! The bad news:  Someone scammed me out of a $250 Target Gift Card. Starting with the good - last night, someone had posted up online, several cards for sale for cheap.  I was considering not even getting them, because though it was a good deal, it was just too cheap to really make any money off of them.  The deal consisted of a few autographs, some serial numbered cards, a few Nolan Ryan, and an

Target Gift Cards & Blasters

A few days ago, my Target gift cards came in.  I decided to do some research, and many folks are saying I should try to sell the Target gift cards.  I found a site, Plastic Jungle, that will allow me to sell them at 90% of the value ... but only gift cards $25 or more.  2 of my cards were $10, so I decided to use them up.  On my way to grabbing dinner for my family, I ran into Target.  Interestingly enough, they had two clearance blasters at $11.99 each - 2011 Allen & Ginter, and 2011 Topps

Picked up a massive collection of … Comic Books?

Yes, believe it or not, I picked up a bunch of COMIC BOOKS!  I was cruising the internet a few nights ago, and found someone that had 24 long boxes for sale.  A good friend of mine who is a dealer gave me some pointers, so I decided to call up the seller.  As it turns out, he owns his own business, and picked these up, in hopes of doing some comic shows.  The shows cancelled, an he needed the cash quickly for inventory for his biz.  I was more than happy to help out :) The card-mobile becomes a

A Nice Surprise

I was on one of my favorite sports card trading forums today, and someone was speaking about getting some cards with rewards points from their credit card.  We only have one credit card, and I only use it to pay for some biz stuff, but I logged in and found out I had 62,000+ points!  I knew we had a lot, but never did anything with them, since we just don't do anything with the card, besides pay off the balance once a month. I decided to dig in deeper, and found out I could get $313 cash.  Eh, ok. 

Paypal Me $3 & I’ll Send you a Robinson Cano Rookie TODAY!

I was fortunate enough to grab 600 Robinson Cano rookie cards, and he is ON FIRE right now, so I'm sharing the wealth :)   Paypal $3 to and a Cano Rookie is sent to you TODAY! 2 for $5, or 5 for $10. 8 down, 592 to go! As I write this, the Yankees look to be going to the post season again. Cano is ON FIRE, has hit .621 in the past 7 games, now has 31 homers, and is arguably the best 2nd baseman in the game today. We won't hold it against him that he