Bash Brothers Custom Card that Isn’t Supposed to Exist

Ladies and Gentlemen, It has been a long time in the making, and is really hard for me not to build this up too much, only to have you be seriously let down in the end.  Just understand that at the end of this, you will think to yourself "pfffbt...that was all?"  (This is me trying to bring your expectations back down.) Okay, I'll stop going around in circles and get to it.  This might just be one of the most important pieces I have made ever.  Technically speaking, there isn't necessarily a WOW factor.  It doesn't have a player's tooth

I’m on the Front Page of Beckett Online!

Earlier today, I got an email from Chris Olds, editor at Beckett.   "Check the front page on the site." Sure enough, front and center, a big picture of the 'stache doing the bash with Canseco! <insert girly squeal here> I'm sure it'll be gone in the next day or two, but for now, this screenshot shall live forever!  BWAHAHHAAHAHA! Okay, that is all.

My Story Made it to Beckett Online!

So, it looks like my story was picked up by Beckett! I hope to be in the hard copy magazine as well. Since they posted a few pics of some customs I had signed, I guess I'll continue on with telling about them! In typical unorthodox mouschi form, I destroyed $20 worth of Canseco rookies to make a booklet. At long last, here it is ... autographed! If you don't read the above link, it probably won't make sense, but for cliff's notes, a few people were nice enough to send me some of their beat up Canseco rookies for

Madonna’s got nothing on Mrs. Krabappel!

You may or may not remember buried in this post that I had created a Jose Canseco Simpsons card from the episode "Homer at the Bat". I had to re-draw the entire thing to make sure it was nice and clear. I just had to get this autographed, after I thought up an epic inscription, but I wanted to give a bit of back story on it all. Remember this lovely lady? The one and only Mrs. Krabappel. In the episode "Homer at the Bat", starring Jose Canseco, Don Mattingly, Darryl Strawberry and tons of other players, the script called

Chasing Canseco – Best Day Ever

Last thursday morning marked the start of our 4,000 mile / 10 day family road trip.  The plan was to go to hoover dam, the beach in California, LEGOLAND, carlsbad caverns, visit a friend in the mountains, roswell (yes, I am an alien nerd!), the grand canyon and several other things.  The most important one for me, however, was to go to Las Vegas and have my customs signed by my childhood hero, Jose Canseco. As you may know, the flip quests I do are inspired by the red paper clip story - where one person goes from trading a red

Is this what a REAL bat card should be?

Tonight, we are having a "Scrubs Musical" party for my birthday.  For those of you who haven't watched Scrubs before, do it - do it now.  NO - first read this posting, then watch it - you will thank me!  The musical is season 6, episode 6, on netflix. Yesterday and this morning however, I have been spending time doing a few things I really enjoy:  writing and card creating!  You only turn 21 once. Though that happened 14 years ago for me, I figured I'd share my latest concoctions online.  I really enjoy the positive feedback, so why not

I Mustache you a Question, but I’ll shave it for the Wedding

WARNING:  You are about to see my face.  A lot.  If that bothers you, kindly click away now! My wife has ... like ... 132 siblings, but thankfully, all but two are married off, and one is slated to be married a long ways from now. The youngest of the family, at 25 years of age, got married yesterday. By God's grace, we escaped the possibility of a catholic wedding, (read: we didn't have to sit through 18 hours) and it went down at a Bible church (the church I went to when I was 15, actually...the same pastor is