Watch this scammer get scammed!

Yesterday, I posted a custom card I created, and someone tried to scam me!  I decided to have a little fun with him.  Check out the back & forth we had :)  

The Ultra Rare 1989 Topps Heads up Test Issue

What if I told you 1989 Topps was rare and valuable?  Would you believe me?  What if I told you a PSA 4 1989 Topps Greg Jefferies sold for $65, and that it just might have been a great deal for the buyer?  You'd probably think I was off my rocker.  I'm not talking about this card that we all know and love (though it is one of my favorites in the set!)  I'm talking about this ... What you see is a 1989 Topps Heads Up Test Gregg Jefferies.  Back in 1989, as far as I have researched, Topps