Man, I love wheeling and dealing!

Since I started this blog, I have had lots of folks come over personally or grab cards via mail - one even from the Netherlands. So far, everyone has been super happy with what they have gotten from me. I have even gotten some repeat "customers". While I wouldn't call myself a dealer, I will confess that as a child, I aspired to be one. There was a baseball card shop in California where I grew up called "The Bullpen". The owner Mike was my hero. I was able to see him since moving to Texas several times while visiting

Merry Christmas! An Update on my Bounty

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope santa got you what you wanted.  Here in the tanmanbaseballfan household, we try our hardest to not make it about the gifts, but rather, about the birth of Jesus.  While our kids are excited about the presents, they seem (thankfully) to understand that that isn't what it is about.  We are sitting here watching some tv, playing legos / dolls, and about to eat breakfast in a bit, probably watch some church on tv (we normally go, but I don't see us making it this morning) and then open up the rest of the presents. 

I got a little creative…

In trying to sell some of these unopened boxes I have, I posted an advertisement on the internet.  Here is what it looks like: Baseball Cards 4 Christmas - Open up some packs with your kids! This year, treat you and your kids to some baseball cards! I have many factory sealed, unopened boxes of baseball cards. Shown below is 2010 Upper Deck, but I have several other types to choose from as well. All boxes are from $30 to $45 each, depending upon what you get. Some of the boxes I am selling will have five autographed rookie baseball cards!

Boy is my son going to be excited…

In my most recent haul of 165,000 cards that I have been going through, I found something quite interesting.  First, I found a packet of star wars cards.  Then I found about 2,000 other star wars cards.  My son is a *HUGE* star wars fan (He even wrote a fan letter to George Lucas!)  Immediately, when my wife and I find something having to do with star wars, we consider getting it for our son, but more often than not, we don't - we don't want him to be one of those kids who has everything, and turns out to

165,000 cards locked and loaded…

Ok, so I thought I was going to be getting 300,000 cards this weekend, but it turned out to be 165,000 which of course is perfectly fine - the plans are to grab the rest after Christmas.  Sunday afternoon, I met at my friend's storage unit and loaded up my family-mobile minivan sans the back seat, and drove back.  I had several binders up front with me, and there was a binder filled with 1981 Donruss poking out.  That was kind of cool - I saw some good names like Mike Schmidt and others.  I also found a bunch of

300,000 Cards Coming Sunday, Sunday Sunday!

Over the past week or so, I've sold some of the boxes of cards I had for sale.  Some of them are being busted online by a newfound baseball blogger buddy over at - check him out and friend him!  Lets hope they get some good stuff, but not too good of stuff that I regret having sold them (KIDDING!)  I think the group break goes on tonight!  Someone else bought a few boxes today and will probably buy about 8 more.  Finally, I have someone who may purchase the rest of what I have.  Not completely sure yet

There is a lesson to be learned here … somewhere….

I just read a blog posting from someone I follow here and for some reason it reminded me of an incident I had many moons ago, when I was 13.  The year: 1993.  The place:  Eckerds (when they carried cards). 13 year old tanmanbaseballfan strolled in to grab a few packs of 1992-93 Ultra and Stadium Club in hopes of snagging a Shaquille O'neal rookie card.  Just then, comes a short hispanic kid from my school with a HUUUUGE jacket on.  He was up to no good. As I got my packs and paid, he slinked out the door, without even looking

This box was Lincy-riffic!

So far, I've gotten some really decent stuff.  I've busted about 20 boxes - Matt Wieters Letter auto, Youkilis Letter auto, Kendrick rookie auto, Nelson Cruz rookie auto, some Buster Posey rookies, various other rookies of Pence, Lincecum and Braun ... a good smattering of stuff.  I opened a serial #ed Lincecum this morning, and I also got this ... the best so far .... 2007 UD Future Stars Tim Lincecum Rookie Autograph Boom.  (Happy dance!)

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

'Nuff said :)  Cases of 2006 and 2007 UD Future Stars - 5 Autos per box!

Steroids and the Hall

With all this talk about the Hall of Fame, it got me to scanning some blogs, and thinking a bit about the steroid era, and the players who were my heroes that were in it when I was growing up.  I've said before, Canseco was my favorite player.  In the late 80's - early 90's, it looked like he was going to put up Hank Aaron numbers, but instead churned out something that looked more like Dave Kingman.  A great player, mind you, but nothing near Hank Aaron.  Oh, to have 100 of these cards back in 1990! Then you