This week in Customs … (Yeah, I’m a little bit excited)

(If you don't want to read the below drivel, and are not a big fan of pictures, I have a video below showing off some customs ... but please do stick around and read this first, if you have the time!) So, I think I have an addictive personality. When I first got on my own, I BALLOONED to quite a rotund size, thanks to an IV drip of dr. pepper, and a steady diet of McDonalds.  I couldn't stop drinking that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.  Thanks to running and a much better diet (read: a wife who

The Tri-Star Show & the Case of the Grumpy Dealer

The Tri-Star show is something that I look forward to like Christmas.  I always am able to make lots of deals, have a TON of fun, and come home with a haul of cardboard to go through & enjoy. That didn't happen this time. Friday was fairly dead for me, and I ended up spending about $20 or so on a few Canseco cards for the collection, and a few cards to resell.  I ended up picking a Mike Lowell printing plate, a Bobby Doerr bat card and a Tony Perez bat card for 50 cents each . Those were

10 OUTRAGEOUS things you can do with baseball cards … #7 will SHOCK you. (plus – video inside)

How is that title for click-bait? I'm sorry, friends - I don't have a list of 10 outrageous or shocking things that you can do, but I wanted to pay homage to all of those websites that post on facebook and encourage me ... no ... spiritually move me to click, just so I can see what the heck is so shocking about #7. While I'm there, might as well read the other 9 as well! My wife is complete opposite ... she won't click on something like that if her life depended on it. I guess I'm the only