Color Explosion at the Donruss Factory!

Before you read anything else, if you like one of these and want them autographed, let me know! The show is this weekend, and I am looking for some extra scratch to get them autographed myself as well! WARNING WARNING WARNING   The following pictures may cause an artifical digitally induced sugar rush. Haters of these  or these    or even these    need not apply. (Shout out to the double rainbow dude for making it okay for guys to like rainbows again.)  With that said, let's get to it. As you probably well know by now, Christmas is just around

Mailday Freebies … #2 blew me away!

Last week, I was approached by a few folks on here that have been checking out some of my custom work. They asked if I wanted a few things for free. I'm going to start off with the first. 1) ajw9356 contacted me saying he had a few older shirts he was going to get rid of that had some nice patches on them of FSU and the Braves. He asked if I wanted them to make customs out of later. He cut them out of the shirts and sent them on his dime. How cool is that?!? Thanks ajw9356!!!

How to make 140,000 cards disappear

Today was a rather busy day. After church, I was to go to a card show, then to a dealer friend's storage unit to pick up about 140,000 cards, and come back home to sell some card holders to someone coming from over an hour away.  Originally I was just planning on going to the storage unit, but another dealer friend alerted me on my blog to there being a show in town. I was going to say no as it was about 45 minutes away, but it turned out it was only 3 minutes down the road from the

My flip quest has taken quite the unconventional turn …

For those of you who have participated in, or have been following along with my flip quest you have seen that it has changed quite a bit recently. It went from just baseball, to baseball, soccer, hockey, football, racing, basketball, etc.  Well, folks - we have reached another level.  This might give you feelings like Allen & Ginter did when they started introducing duck callers with a piece of their flannel into their boxes, but here it is for better or for worse. I personally think it is better, because it diversifies things so much more.  I want to keep

I just caught the TTM bug! (TTM is Through the Mail Autographs)

I remember the first time I tried to send out a baseball card through the mail to get it signed.  It was (of course) Jose Canseco.  My prized 1989 Fleer card was taken and wrapped in cellophane for protection (at the recommendation of my mom, I'm sure - I was 9 or 10 at the time and wouldn't ever admit to such a thing!) I began the long process of writing the letter, the address, the SASE and stuffing it all in an envelope.  Not to mention the gut wrenching task of spending 50 cents on 2 stamps which could

Griffey on the A’s and Homer Simpson 93 SP?

Okay, several things to cover: Flip Quest: I sold almost everything, and the majority of what is left over is pending. Here are a few items I got in the mail yesterday, though:   A few notes: the TTT card above ... cool beans! The Cano auto is my fave through this haul and #ed to 56. How can you beat a Spring Fever design with an auto ... of Cano?!?! The Fergie is # to 35 and the Scherzer is hand #'ed to 99. BTW, the Pink A-Gon is now A-Gone. I have made a quantum leap with this

Update to the flip quest

Once again ... everything previously shown is pending! I got some goodies in the mail yesterday as well though. Here are the new things: I did a deal with Nervo and got these:   He also sent me along these for free! (these freebies are pending now, btw) THANKS NERVO!!! Another deal I did was with mgugs46 I know I've gotten some Mantles and such, but the card that has caught my eye the most out of this entire flip quest is the Cespedes TTT in the pic above! I love it. An autograph, with green, white and gold jersey

Rollin’ with Nolan – I met him, got 6 autos including a custom book … pics inside!

As an avid reader of Beckett when I was a child, I absolutely loved an article they did entitled "Rollin' with Nolan". It was an interview-style article, which highlighted Nolan offering pitching lessons to a baseball card dealer in exchange for his own rookie card. He cited the reason his offer instead of cash was because of how expensive the card was.  The article ended up being an April Fool's joke, but it stuck with me. Fast forward to this past weekend. We went to a book shop about a half hour away for our friend's book release party. I

Big Update for my Flip Quest

  It was a little difficult trying to find how to re-invest the money after I cashed out, but here we are! I took most of the money + 3 89 UD customs of ChrisinTx's kids for some vintage goodness .... Plus 2 sets of 2013 Finest - GREAT set, btw. RC's of Puig, Wacha, JoFer, Gattis ... outstanding design and of course the regulars like Trout Jeter Pujols Harper etc. Chris went above and beyond and sent over these beauties for FREE to help me on my quest! THANKS CHRISINTX !!!!! This is where it turns quite rapidly here

Twilight Gold & Acetate Customs

If you are like me and you collect a specific popular player, you look online (and sometimes obsessively) for cards that you do not have.  Thanks to the explosion of inserts in the 90's - on, there is no shortage of gems you can find.  My son will sometimes say "Dad, what are you doing?  Looking on ebay for Canseco cards ... again?" Quiet, boy ... don't you have some homework to do? It is equally exhilarating to find a card you never knew existed as it is maddening to find out that the card you wished you had owned