I Traded my Autographs for a Car!

This past Friday, a few dealers flew in from Kansas and Colorado to inspect the autographs I had recently acquired.  We agreed to meet at the gas station down the road ... until my wife called in a panic: "BABE!!!  I was wrong - Cub Scouts is at 10, not 12!!!"  (it was 9:55 or so when she called).  So I had to (quickly) bring the party of out of towners home, and hastily throw everything in the garage, from the cardboard-mobile to setup shop and show them the goods there.  After a few hours of looking through them, and going

7,000+ Autographed Baseball Card Acquisition – Want some?

Yes, it's true.  I just acquired one of the larger known autographed baseball card collections in Arizona.  It was assembled over the past 20 years from the Arizona Fall League, Spring Training, Legends Games, public signings, etc.  Every single one of these cards are autographed! It has been really fun to go through.  There are duplicates of several players, but most cards are different.  It is neat because if you want an autograph from a specific player, you generally are limited to whatever cards he has been told to sign by Topps.  This collection has all kinds of cards that