Aliens, Junk Wax Variations and White Whales

In January, we had a pre-teen Bible study at our house, and I was talking to the kids about how vast the universe is.  As I'm sure you can imagine since it was a Bible study, we then went from how incredible the universe is to how awesome God is who created it all. If you disagree and are rolling your eyes, don't worry - I'll get to the baseball card bit here soon, and it will all tie in together shortly, I promise :)   Here are some interesting points:  - The earth is huge, right?  The sun is

Story Time!

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you know that I'm not your typical blogger. I don't really have a rhyme or reason to much of what I write. There is very little cohesiveness in my articles, and my segues are a bit of a stretch, to say the least. I don't check for spelling, because writing is fun, and proof reading is not. I'm considered the family dictionary (and calculator), yet I almost left segue above as segway. They are meant to read more like a journal, I suppose. Not that I'm that particularly interesting of

Seller Demands Double Payment for Wrinkled Cards

From time to time, I seem to get in some streaks of awesome luck... (a TTM custom autograph from a member of Vampire Diaries - she put To Tanner on the back ... cool!) or horrible luck... (yes, that IS paper in my breakfast sammich that I took a bite out of this morning!) I know, in the grand scheme of things, not horrible - actually, it is funny, hence the picture!  I generally do not classify paper in my breakfast to be horrible luck, nor would I consider it bad luck when a wasp decides to land on my

Fantastic New Additions to the PC, Some Customs and More!

Another busy week here at the offices of Mouschi, inc.  Firstly, I know I don't show off much non Canseco stuff, but take a look at this beauty: A Bobby Doerr Topps Tribute patch! It is always nice getting in game used patch cards of players that played several decades ago. Could it be a fake? Could someone have actually torn this card apart ... a REAL Bobby Doerr Topps card and swap out a plain old relic for a patch?  And if so, how? Well, let me show you. Simply take this card: Saw it in half: and put