Another Flip Quest Update!

Life has thrown us some unexpected curves recently, so still no significant time to invest in this flip quest.  I've been working out the details on the finale for this whole thing, and it has been a bit rocky.  Once things are finalized, I'll write more. Some educational books (yay for home schoolers and school starting!), the rody and sesame street bins sold.  $66 added to the total. Here is where we stand: DEAL TRACKER CARDS 2013 Topps Mini Black #/5 Chris Johnson 2014 A&G Ryan Howard Hand #'ed to 25 mini NON CARDS box of educational books Geotrax Set

FOUND MY 29 YEAR WHITE WHALE! And the Reason for my Username!

To say I'm stoked, is a MASSIVE understatement. A VERY interesting story comes along with this whole thing too! To put it simply in one statement: I found it. My precious. My reason for collecting. The reason for my username. THE card I've been searching for ever since I read about it in Beckett back in the 1980's. If you lived in the Huntsville area of Alabama in the 1980's, you might remember the now-defunct grocery store chain "Mouschi's" ... (It is what I base my username after.) This is probably a familiar sight for you Alabamans: They were quite

Bigger, better Finest Rainbow

So, I redid some and added more ... First, my son went into my office with me yesterday evening while my wifey was gone. He has been itching to make some cards, so we made this for him: It is just a base card, not a refractor, because we didn't have time. (MUCH easier to make a base card, instead of a refractor). The others ... after TONS of tries are below. I enlarged the pic, and put an autograph box for later! Green Gold Blue Red Black SUPERFRACTOR!!!! WOWZERS!!!! GOOOLLLLDDDEEENNNN FIIIIIIIREEEEE!!!!! BOOMJUICEAWESOMESAUCEAMAZEBALLSMOJOBAZINGAMEOW!!!! (chuckles) The golden fire one might actually

Flip Quest Update – most cardboard is now gone

The majority of the cards are now gone. I moved most all of the cards, as well as the baseballs. Here is the update! DEAL TRACKER CARDS 2013 Topps Mini Black #/5 Chris Johnson 2014 A&G Ryan Howard Hand #'ed to 25 mini NON CARDS box of educational books Geotrax Set step 2 locker wii fit pad game cube sesame street cubby system air jordans circular chinese dragon wall art 4 ps2 games oriental vase taiwanese chest rody 1 drop-leaf desk drafting table projector screen black ottoman Cash $3,243.75 total Keepers (for now) 1 drop leaf desk Fabric of the

Custom cards at their (1993) finest

I've been kind of mia for the past week or two because I'm trying to iron out some details on a large project I'm working on. I took a break from that, and remembered how cool it was to grab a 1993 Finest Canseco refractor for fairly cheap because the seller spelled his name Conseco. It was one of the big card selling companies around too! I was very happy with it, but have always wondered what it would look like if there was a pic of him on the gorgeous green refractor in an A's uni, instead of the

Flip Quest Update!

This is kind of getting monotonous for me, because nothing huge is happening. I do, however, have a few good updates: I picked up another lot of cards (sorry for horrible pics!) Nice chrome & purple refractor heritage lot nice selection of A&G mini sp's inserts etc - incl. a cool Jeter, JoFer mini black rookie, and more. Abreu Tanaka Bryant Trout Puig Springer die cuts etc. Relic of Buster Posey & Billy Hamilton various die cuts autos mini gold #/58 etc. Manziel (SOLD ALREADY) Chris Johnson mini #/5 Ryan Howard Hand #/25 D'Arnaud Hand #/25 (already sold) (already sold)

Flip Quest Update

I have had a hard time keeping up with this puppy recently because of the latest project I've been working on.  It is nearing 2am, but what the heck ... might as well update what's going on! I sold ... Panthers Jersey Scrapbooking Machine new vintage game table a few educational books I also picked up a number of cards which I'm selling in a lot.  After all is said and done, I've come ahead $67.50. Various different varation backs - one has no # and one (the sasquatch) is apparently a case hit. Unbeknownst to me, that golden age

Honey, I blew up the choco taco – a heart warming story of this week’s customs

As someone who is fascinated with extra terrestrial ... everything, I have been quite disappointed with the lack of "real" ufo sightings in the past 5 years.  I mean, c'mon folks!  If you are 12 or older, the odds are that you have an HD ready video camera in your pocket at all times.  Lets put the naysayers to rest!  This is your chance!  Unless ... gulp ... there haven't been any visitations.  I still hold out hope! If you can't take a selfie with ET, there are some other cool things you can do with your camera.  For instance