My Dream Come True … 20 Years in the Making

20 years ago, at 12 years of age, I sat eagerly in the passenger seat while my mom drove me to the Tri Star card show to meet my childhood hero Jose Canseco.  This was before all the steroid controversy (though, after various dui's, domestic abuse accusations, etc.) - my folks said over and over again that I sure could pick 'em as far as heroes go.  Mom and I got to the line and asked the following question: "Do you want to have your picture taken with Jose for $50?"  DO I EVER!!!!!  But, money was tight, so we

The 12 MILLION Card Deal

Don'cha just love dealing with people onilne?  I have met plenty of fantastic people through Craig's List, various forums, the blogosphere, etc.  but man alive ... there are some real turds out there.  As a person who regularly partakes in the buying, selling and trading of items, I have come to find that most people are morons.  Ok, maybe that is taking it a bit far, but I'd estimate that 30% of all folks who say they will get something either stand you up, or their dog died for the 8th time, etc.  The others tend to be real tough

Trade of the Day

I don't do much trading, but I had reached out to a guy online who was selling his collection.  As it turns out, it was a guy who I had setup next to at a card show I was at.  He had a bunch of older wax and sets he was trying to get rid of.  He brought up the "x-factor" that all of us collectors have to deal with:  The wife. He mentioned that if he sold his collection, his wife would probably end up taking the money, so he'd like to keep it fun, and just keep it