My little slice of Puig-Mania

It has been nearly a week since my family have gone anywhere - because we have all been sick as dogs.  Today, we are feeling like we are on the upswing collectively, and decided to run a few errands.  While we were out, I decided to try and catch some Yasiel Puig fever, like I did with Strasburg a few years back.  1 blaster box of 2013 Bowman for $21.50 @ Walmart.  First of all, kudos to Bowman for making clean cards now!  Sorry, but 2011 and before were just plain ugly.  These look slick.  As chants of Yasiel Puig

A Mid-Summer’s Christmas

After buying a huge collection, and dealing with a bunch of other stuff in life, I found myself just last week for the first time, wondering if I should even go to the show this past weekend.  I met Jose Canseco last time ... how can I top that?  Short answer: it can't, and ... it didn't.  As a matter of fact, Friday was probably one of the weaker shows I went to.  I still had fun though.  I brought a few boxes of unopened cards to wheel and deal with.  Within 5 minutes of walking through the doors, a