The Multi-Player Rookie Card Problem

In July, a 1963 Topps Ken McMullen rookie card sold on eBay for over $150,000. It was a beautiful specimen graded by 9 by PSA. For those of you who don't know who Ken McMullen is, he signed with the LA Dodgers right out of high school and debuted in 1962 as a 20 year old. McMullen wrapped up his career with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1977. His career statline boasted a .248 average with 156 home runs. So why is his rookie card so expensive?  Because he shared it with 3 other guys. Recognize any of the names? Throughout

Describe the PERFECT Card

Every now and then I'm asked "What is your favorite card?"  I am split in my mind 6 ways.  Is it my knob auto? Dynasty logo patch? Red Crusade? My custom that Jose personalized to me?  89 Topps gold border?  Wood Museum auto?  I've narrowed down my absolute favorite to a little under items in my collection seen here. This got me to thinking.  What would be the absolute perfect card?  I guess for me, I don't really know.  I have some ideas though. Back story - A card with a fabulous back story is hard to beat.  I love

And the winner is …

It was a hard, close back and forth battle between the Mick & the Pick. Both got some good shots in, and in my opinion, this could have easily gone either way, depending upon which forum this was placed on. FCB is truly a different beast when compared to other forums, which is why I love it here and frequent it so much. Armed with the knowledge of what people like over others, I myself would have probably entered completely different customs myself. It is truly great seeing such amazing talent on display by other custom card creators! As they

Custom Card Tournament!

A few months back, I stumbled upon a thread on FCB ( that talked about how someone was setting up a mega 16 slot custom card tournament.  I LOVED this idea, and immediately wrote forum member MisterT asking if I could join in.  I sent over 4 possibilities for entries, and they ended up setting up a mini bracket to pit my cards against each other. I was particularly interested in this, because I know there are several talented custom card makers out there who have been doing customs for many more years than I have, and I was curious

Errors & Variations: A Love Story

THE SUMMER OF 1990 Monday Morning: (Line trilling....) Dealer: Thahhh Bullpen!? (I loved how Mike the dealer would say this - he would start in a normal voice, but would drop and octave between the 2 words and raise his voice back up to make "The Bullpen" sound like a question.)  Me:  Uhmmm...Yes.  Hi.  I was wondering...I have a 1990 Fleer Felix Jose, and his bat is covering some of the A's Logo.  Is that an error card? Dealer:  No, it isn't. Tuesday Morning: Dealer: Thahhh Bullpen!? Me:  Uhhhmmm...Hi!  I noticed that the 1990 Mother's Cookies Will Clark shows him

What’s on my Desk with Bart Man?

Evenin' boys and girls! Tonight, we are going to have our maiden post called "What's on my Desk with Bart Man?" This is really mainly a way for me to showcase a random card I have decided to display by my monitor, on my desk to appreciate what I have, instead of always thinking about what I don't have. First up is what I'm displaying and enjoying now. 2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch I picked this up from a fellow collector named Kurt who has commissioned me to do several high end pieces for his collection. Thanks TONS again

08/19/16 Mailday – Topps Vault 1/1’s & Strata

I'm going to try and post more & more videos - who doesn't like videos?  Am I right?  Anyway, here is the mail from today!

Collecting Canseco: BOWMAN

I've finally got my ducks in a row to show a video of all the bowman/bowman's best/bowman chrome/bowman heritage cards in my collection. I'm using this also as a bit of a cardboard 101 history lesson for folks who are interested in hearing the backstories on some of these cards. Stay tuned also - many more videos to come!

Public Service Announcement about Top Loaders

Please view the video below for very important information that everyone needs to hear.

Latest Pickups

These past few weeks have been awesome for my collection.  I figured I'd share what has come in! There is just so, so much that I'm excited about here, but there are a few that I thought should receive some attention.  (The A&G's will not be talked about, as I wrote about them earlier.) The oddball of the month award goes to: This is only the 2nd SP buyback I have This /5 card is one I never thought I'd see This popped up literally a day after I got my first version of it (the jersey/auto).  I am in