T-206 Honus Wagner Garage Sale Find

Sports News Outlet 4/20/16 Jennifer Winkley Reporting @ 11:29 AM They are calling it the deal of the century.  Travis Johnson, a Texas man struck gold two weeks ago, while going to a garage sale near his home in the suburbs of Houston.  Searching for items to sell and keep for himself, he stumbled upon something far more significant.  A T-206 Honus Wagner. SNO:  I'm sure you are still in shock.  Tell us how you came about this find.  TJ:  After going from garage sale to garage sale for about 3 hours, my wife and I decided it was time


Last night, the city of Houston was treated to a torrential downpour, and isn't expected to be finished until Wednesday night.  At around midnight, we decided to go out and watch as hail pelted our roof.  The rain came down so fierce, we could hardly see the houses across the street! When I woke up, all was quiet.  After enjoying some delicious milk with breakfast, I had to run my folks back to their house since they borrowed our car yesterday.  On the way, our neighborhood looked like it had been hit by a friggin' tornado.  This is a pic

The Next Evolutionary Step in Collecting is HERE

Topps has a great thing going with ToppsNOW and they are profiting handsomely with it. Unfortunately for them, this is 2016. If you are like most everyone else, you are asking yourself "Why are they only making a few cards a day?"  Get with the times!  Am I right? That's why I'm introducing to you: The Minute Collection Let's face it:  Even if Carlos Correa has a monster 2016 campaign, we can only realistically expect 50 different issues. With The Minute Collection, the shortage of different issues is a thing of the past! 50 different Correa for 2016?  Pffft.  How

What Does the Bible *Really* Say?

In the recent days, I have had several conversations with people about what the Bible has to say, and many people have been taught the wrong thing in church, by friends and family, etc.  so I felt like I should give as clear and concise of a message in my own words as to what the Bible says. Yes, I know - this has NOTHING to do with baseball cards or writing. It is *far more important* - as a matter of fact, it is the most important subject I can and will ever write on. So, I'm curious -

The Opening Day Hunger Challenge is Done!

The opening day hunger challenge is now over! Through this challenge, here is what was donated: - Family Donation of $50 - School Desk / Supplies - Goats - Water Wells - Water Bundle (water wells, hygene training, bathroom at a Compassion center and "where most needed" fund) - Child Survival Program All this because a small handful of people decided to give money that would have gone to a few meals at a restaurant. I'm blessed to know all of you who have decided to give for those who are in dire straits. The positive impact you have made

Why I Make Custom Cards

I remember when I first started making custom cards.  A few months after getting into it, I went to a card show with some of them to show some people just to get a reaction.  Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to get a wide array of responses.  Some looked angry, some looked confused while others looked overjoyed.  Whenever I talk to others and it comes up "yeah, I make custom baseball cards", they scrunch their nose at me and don't really know what that means. I understand customs aren't for everyone, but if there is