Fleer Ultra Prototypes Discovered

Picture this:  The year is 1991.  Some of the best selling video games are Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  You loved Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and you can't get Mariah Carey's "Someday" single out of your head.  The heated topic of debate is Desert Storm, and while you are not sure what your own views are, you do know that you love the Desert Shield stamped cards they came out with. Baseball cards are a huge part of the culture, and you hold the envious position of being a designer for

1989 UD Griffey PSA Rookie Upside Down Variation

This has definitely got to be worth over 10 grand!   Here is a pic of the back...

Making a Comic Book Come to Life

Ever since I dipped my toe into the pool of selling items beyond sports cards, I have taken notice of the vast differences of personalities of collectors.  One type of collector has really taken me by surprise: Comic book collectors.  Over the past several years, I have probably bought and sold about 80,000 comic books.  I love comic books. Here is what my garage looked like at the end of 2012.  See those boxes?  side from the nice cache of wax you see, everything else is comic books! Comics make me giddy ... not as giddy as baseball cards do,

Opening Day Hunger Challenge Contest – ARE YOU IN?

***UPDATED RULES*** I'm changing the rules a bit - Instead of going without eating out at all until Opening Day, I'm requesting you go without one restaurant meal by Opening Day and donate the money as shown below. Hopefully that gets more folks to give! I've been thinking/hearing a lot about how much we have here as opposed to other countries, and how 10,000 (I've heard more in other places) children die due to starvation and treatable diseases EACH DAY. How crazy is that?!? We can't save the world, but as I'm sure most of us are here in America,

27 Years of Collecting…TODAY!

WARNING WARNING WARNING:  This post could quite possibly have a high tl;dr possibility among internet viewers, and is highly cansecocentric.  Reader discretion is advised.  (Though, I do hope you stay until the end - I was able to put together some pretty epic pieces of some Hall of Famers!) A few months back, my family and I were visiting my parents.  Mom came out with a stack of journals from school back when I was in elementary.  If you thought my being a baseball card nut is bad now, check out what I wrote in a journal entry back in

When Your Favorite 90s Insert Costs $43,000

Imagine this: You are at the counter of your favorite baseball card shop, gazing at all of the boxes of wax packs with tags cut out pieces of neon cardboard displaying the price of each. Topps?  Nah... Donruss?  Maybe next week... Fleer?  Hmmm... Fleer Ultra?  BING! You grab a handful of packs of 1996 Ultra, hoping and praying to get a gold medallion card of your favorite player.  Or maybe a sweet insert of what favorite player.  What if it were a ... <GASP> Gold Medallion of said sweet insert??? Packs in hand, you rush home in hopes of landing

Happy Jose Canseco Day!

May all your hopes and dreams come true!  :D