HUGE Astros Collection Find

I decided to take a trip over an hour away to visit a guy with an Astros game used collection that was said to be one of the biggest in Texas.  While I doubt that, I must say, I am very pleased with the purchase.  The only bad thing that came of it was the possible malaria I contracted thanks to the thousands of mosquitos that made a buffet out of me while the seller and I were outside talking.  I am sitting here watching Bryce Harper at bat in his first major league game, and going through everything.  I

Easy come, easy go

My last blog spoke about how awesome my most recent haul from out of town was.  Now, I am back writing about it all being gone.  Yes, a dealer friend came over to take a look, and we did a deal shortly thereafter for not only them, but also for pretty much everything else I had that was good.  We are talking a boat load of great stuff.  When all is said and done, it probably ended up being about 40 boxes of good stuff - from jersey and autograph cards, to refractors, to serial number and inserts to base

Vacationing and Cardboard – Mammoth Purchase!

The wife and I took our son to Legoland this past weekend and stayed in a hotel.  A good time was had by all!  We were able to take lots of pictures, be together, and catch up with some good friends.  If you are a subscriber here though, you don't want to hear about that - you want to hear about the score, so I'll get right down to it!  First off, when getting lost on the way, we found a Dick's Sporting Goods.  I read on the internet that they sometimes sell cards - I went in, and lo

Blogging from out of town

Sleeping in the bed behind me is a wife who is not happy I brought our laptop on vacation, and our son who is ecstatic to go to Legoland tomorrow.  Yes, that's right - we are out of town!  We are in the big D.  For those of you non-Texans, that is Dallas.  I get a kick out of the fact that I can work and blog from anywhere.  The whole reason I am up right now is because I had to wrap up some updates for a client. While we are here though, I'm going to make the most

Mail Day – Lotsa Rooooookies

I'm a sucker at times, for some base rookies.  Because of this, I had bought a boat load of rookies of Biggio (, Bagwell, Thomas, Jeter, Arod, Chipper and Maddux.  Oh, and a Gwynn & Sandberg rookie as well.  Feast your eyes on the below! 1983 Ryne Sandberg Topps1983 Tony Gwynn Topps1987 Greg Maddux Donruss x 61987 Greg Maddux Leaf x 21989 Craig Biggio Topps1989 Craig Biggio Fleer x 31989 Craig Biggio Upper Deck x 51989 Craig Biggio Donruss x 221990 Frank Thomas Score x 61990 Frank Thomas Topps x 61991 Chipper Jones Upper Deck x 141991 Jeff Bagwell Upper