Fun with Micro Cards – Time Capsule Relics

After spending countless hours on this latest custom, I figured it warranted writing an article about it, and sharing some pictures about how my newest creation was born. But first, I'd like to show off a few custom booklet cards I did for my pc a while ago - I actually redid them and bought one touch magnetic holders for them. Here is my "Tanner's Thread's" booklet v. 2.0: And the 2.0 version of the Rookie recollection book (the one I did with actual pieces of Canseco's rookie cards, along with game used pieces of his jersey and bat) They

Nice little $10 garage sale find

So, I guess today officially starts up "garage sale" season. I have been out of it for a while because I haven't been finding many things. Today, we did good though. My wife was uber excited to get out there. It started out slowly, but we did end up getting some cool things, like several ps2 games & dvds (including nearly the entire Scrubs series) for a quarter a pop - can't beat that! Also picked up some furniture pieces, and other miscellaneous items. But I know you all don't care about that stuff much. These sales are few and

A Custom Baseball Family Booklet

What card do you want so bad, that you have dreams about it at night? What makes it so attractive to you? Is it the 1 of 1 mark on the back? Perhaps the colored patch configuration. Or maybe it is simply because you cannot seem to get your hands on it. A friend was close to pulling the trigger on a buyback card - it was an early 90's 5 cent card that had a 1/1 stamp on the front. The price tag was $275 and he was considering it. This sort of thing is not for me, but

Fun with Magazines

As a child of the late 80's and early 90's, I grew accustomed to the various magazines. While Beckett was a staple in my day to day reading (gotta keep an eye on those up and down arrows!) I was familiar with the oversized tuff stuff, and "high end" legends magazine. While Beckett had them all beat by a longshot, the other magazines had wonderful articles and even tried to spice up their offerings with some free panels of cards. Even as a kid, I don't think I ever put much value on these. I always kept thinking about a

Custom Cut Auto & Ticket Cards

In the past several months that I have been doing customs, I have found myself to fall deeper and deeper in love with the hobby. Not necessarily just custom making, but collecting in general. In some ways, I see custom card creation as the next evolutionary stage in collecting. A sort of way to create THE card that no one else has or will, with material that means so much to you. For me, it is difficult to keep things that are odd shaped. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... everything is better when it measures

2014 Flip Quest Finale and the Big Secret Reveal

If you have not followed my story during the season, I decided to start a flip quest in April, and ran it all the way until the A's were knocked out of the season. Welp, that happened a few days ago, so I am here to do a recap, as well as do "the big reveal" as to what the end game was. Things started out innocently enough with me trading a custom card I made. Why did I do this? Because I had just started doing custom cards for my collection about a month or two before, and figured