The Quest is Over!

A while back, I remembered seeing online that someone was selling/trading their Josh Hamilton 1999 Topps Traded autograph.  I contacted them, and didn't hear back.  I tried again, and they continued to ask me to make an offer.  I said I don't really do offers, and they said they would take $500.  I told them that was more than I could get one for on ebay, and said I was thinking less than half.  I never heard back. Flash forward to now - curiosity struck me, and I tried searching for it again.  The ad was a few weeks ago,

An Update

I was able to sell the Bo Jackson ball really quickly - it surprised me!  Someone also ended up buying the rest of the autographs on the same day.  After fees, the Bo went for $49.  After selling the other autographs, I was at $64. After this, I found a nice little lot of jersey / autograph cards for $70.  I talked him down to $50, and ended up selling many of them lightning fast!  There were some really cool ones, too.  When I got the cards in, I was super happy.  1 went to a Redsox fan for $1. 

The Quest for Hamilton Continues

After going back and forth with someone online for a few weeks, a guy was finally able to break free from his engagements, and come over.  He brought with him a few items that we had talked about over email.  A Barry Bonds autographed baseball bat, and a Nomar Garciappara autographed baseball.  He traded those for some unopened boxes I had left over from my Black Friday monster purchase, so I'm now enjoying them in my office!    I particularly enjoy the Bonds bat - I mean, what's not to like?  The all time home run king autographed this puppy,

The Quest Continues (and card / story pick ups along the way!)

Ok, so I'm going to hammer out the update for my question to go from a 1989 Fleer set to a 1999 Topps Traded Josh Hamilton autographed rookie card first and foremost. I had an ad online, selling a boat load of older complete sets for $150.  I didn't even think anything about my "boat anchor" (the 1989 Fleer complete set) as others have called it to be part of a deal.  Since I was selling for $150, I brought along the set, hoping he ws going to ask me to break a $20 (it seems like people bring along