A Tale of Two White Whales

I was going to add this in with my next article coming up in the next few days (which I'm quite excited about sharing with you) but decided to dedicate a post just to this, because it was so epic! The following is not a story of a brand new shiny 1/1 with pieces of memorabilia, and autographs.  No, this is a story of 2 cards - each with very intriguing backgrounds...stories so rich that they make those who collect older cards dream about the day they get to add them to their collections. Last week, I shared with you my monster

My ENTIRE Jose Canseco Collection – In Pictures!

This last weekend was not only Father's Day; it was also the weekend of the card show! As always, I set out to hunt for some Canseco cards for my collection. As I got there, I could immediately tell that this was a hopping place. Something was much, much more different though. There must have been something in the air, because the show-goers seemed to dress a bit odd. The selection seemed a bit slim... But TONS of people flocked to the quarter bins... Hey, at least there were some decent signers... I knew something was off when I asked this