My favorite Holiday next weekend…the card show is in town!

I absolutely love the third weekend of January.  It is simply wonderful.  It is the time of year the big sportscard show comes into town!  It is one of the very, very few times, I unman my desk during work time for a few hours and drive out of my comfort zone to a far away land known as downtown Houston, to search for cards and collectibles I can either have fun with, sell for profit or both.  It is also a wonderful time that I can take my son with me.  He is 9 years old and has gone

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So, admittedly 2012 has not been the best to me so far just yet when it comes to work. Very many hard things to go through, that have made me pull out my hair. I just noticed that I had not made a blog posting in a very long time ... since last year, in fact! I know it has been less than 2 weeks, but that seems to be an eternity.   I was just thinking about a deal I made a while back, and it stemmed from what many parents/grandparents did back in the 80s/90s.  They bought their child/grandchild