When cards serial #’ed to 100 might as well be #’ed to 1

In a quest to find more of the newer Canseco cards, I've found that many of the serial numbered stuff (as high as 100-200) are simply not available for sale online. In the past few months, I have come a long way in understanding the twisted mind of a player collector. It isn't just a function of how much money you want to throw out there. That is far from reality. I thought if you had money, you could make quick work of your want list and stake your flag at the top of super-collector mountain, proclaiming you as the

A Posting too Hot for the Forums!

The online forums do not allow such heavily "religious" articles, so this one will only be published on my blog.  This was initially intended as a message for the pre-teens in our Bible study group but it was cancelled, so hopefully this will be well received here, online! For years, we have watched American Ninja Warrior.  We know about Kacy Catanzaro, the five foot tall girl who was the first female to make it through the course.  She has over 10 million views on youtube.  We are very familiar with the announcers, and some of the other ninja warriors.  A

The Tri-Star Show & the Case of the Grumpy Dealer

The Tri-Star show is something that I look forward to like Christmas.  I always am able to make lots of deals, have a TON of fun, and come home with a haul of cardboard to go through & enjoy. That didn't happen this time. Friday was fairly dead for me, and I ended up spending about $20 or so on a few Canseco cards for the collection, and a few cards to resell.  I ended up picking a Mike Lowell printing plate, a Bobby Doerr bat card and a Tony Perez bat card for 50 cents each . Those were

500k Cards Gone and still doesn’t look like I made a dent! Plus…Tom Selleck

These past few weeks have been very, very busy. It has been a good busy, for the most part, but I have had a difficult time carving out a few minutes to blog. So, here I am - in the middle of a hectic schedule, writing this, so I can have a nice little fun account of what has been going on in life with my hobbies recently. First off, Bo Jackson was in town, and I was unable to put enough brain power to it early enough to garner enough attention from others to make it worth taking the

2014 Flip Quest Finale and the Big Secret Reveal

If you have not followed my story during the season, I decided to start a flip quest in April, and ran it all the way until the A's were knocked out of the season. Welp, that happened a few days ago, so I am here to do a recap, as well as do "the big reveal" as to what the end game was. Things started out innocently enough with me trading a custom card I made. Why did I do this? Because I had just started doing custom cards for my collection about a month or two before, and figured

Flip Quest Update – A doozy

How appropriate that, on the last day of the regular season, I have a good update to give.  I am now profitable on everything.  The million card deal and the thunderbird deal are both official money makers for me (pops champagne cork).  As far as bulk goes, I still have TONS ... like ... 98% of everything, and I still haven't hardly touched anything.  I did, however, sell the bulk of the "good stuff" that was immediately visibly evident from both collections. In addition to this, I picked up another small $100 lot from a friend who came over with

Flip Quest Update!

When it rains, it pours. Aside from selling another book, the soccer lot, and 2 boxes of cards (with one pending payment) I bought another massive lot. This was from the same guy who sold me the unopened boxes last weekend. I had asked previously if this was all he had, and he said no. He said he had about 2x as much in loose cards in boxes, etc. but could not fit them in his truck. I asked if I could see them, though he was nearly an hour away, and he said sure! The day before I was

Flip Quest Update

Figured I'd do a little update. I bought a nice lot of refractors and inserts. Here are the pics. (Everything is already gone except for the soccer) I sold another book, the black ottoman, drafting table, the Ryan Howard A&G mini hand # card, geotrax set, baseball footbal & racing lot as mentioned above, and several boxes from the wax box hoard I picked up. Here is where we are at now. I may end up picking up quite a few more cards this weekend; I'm not sure just yet.

Flip Quest Update

Not much change - just sold 4 other books for $28. Mainly showing this: MORE PACKAGES! I should be able to reveal what is going on soon :)

Another Flip Quest Update!

Life has thrown us some unexpected curves recently, so still no significant time to invest in this flip quest.  I've been working out the details on the finale for this whole thing, and it has been a bit rocky.  Once things are finalized, I'll write more. Some educational books (yay for home schoolers and school starting!), the rody and sesame street bins sold.  $66 added to the total. Here is where we stand: DEAL TRACKER CARDS 2013 Topps Mini Black #/5 Chris Johnson 2014 A&G Ryan Howard Hand #'ed to 25 mini NON CARDS box of educational books Geotrax Set