The Mouschi Code – What’s in the Rip Card?

As many of you know already, I am running a contest for forum members to guess how much this card ends up selling for: . Whoever gets closest, gets this: People have been asking me like crazy ... WHAT IS IN THE CUSTOM RIP CARD!??! I'm going to leak a little bit of this here.  It has to do with this: Think:  The Ginter Code Lite ... for Dummies.  It should be a fun little scavenger hunt for whomever wins, along with a small prize at the end. Everyone gets 3 guesses if you haven't already posted in my

Mouschi 1/1 Auto DNA Moustache Relic on Ebay up over $200 … Plus a Video!

I thought I'd do a video of the card, auction, and contest. The auction now has 1,199 views, 73 watchers, 50 bids and is at $204.72 with 5 days left to go. Let's keep it going guys! Once again, here is the link to the ebay auction:

My Beckett has now hit shelves, along with more good news!

I'm not exactly the kind of guy who plays it "cool".  If something awesome has happened to me, I get pumped about it and write until it is out of my system.  It isn't an ego thing at all; it is more of an expression of thankfulness to God for allowing something great to happen to someone like me, who is so undeserving. In light of this, I am determined to not introduce myself to strangers as "AAAHHH!!!  The guy who is on Beckett Monthly with Jose Canseco!!!" because I think people would take it wrong.  Sure, I have taken

Rare Food Issue Chapter Complete … I think

I had a picture of a nice new shiny rainbow autograph set I was going to post up today, but it will have to wait. Today, I got it a few squares that appear to have completed a neat little oddball chapter in my collection. Based upon my research, these discs were produced by MSA (Mike Schechter Associates) for various grocery store chains and bakeries. MSA produced several sets of these in the 80's and 90's from Fantastic Sam's to give away for free whenever you got a haircut, to Hostess potato chips, to Iced Tea. You will see what

FREE Card!

There is a guy I know who, by the world's standards is FILTHY rich.  The amount of time and money he gives is negligible, when compared to what he has. He is the type of guy that, while many look at, think that he is doing alright, and probably a good guy, but if you were to be able to camp out in his brain for a while, you would be amazed with how many thoughts start out with "I", "me" or "my". I'm embarrassed to say this, but the person I'm talking about is me.  See?  There I go

Another Dream Come True!

If you haven't heard enough of my enthusiastically chirping about how I was on the front page of the Beckett website, buckle in - because I'm about to say even more.   Last night, I was a bit bummed out because I was taken off the front page.  I knew it had to end at some point, but I was still bummed about it.  It was a mixture of bummed-outness and thankfulness.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been featured on the website! Not too long after that, I found out I was going to be in the ACTUAL

How to Achieve your Hobby Goals (and more!)

Last night, I talked over the importance of goal setting with my son.  Being 12 years old (him, not me) it may seem a little young to do this, but that is what my parents did with me.  My son wants to create a video game, but this is very applicable to collecting as well. The first time I set a goal was when i was 12 years old.  I wanted to buy 25 T-206 tobacco cards.  Using the formula below, I was able to accomplish this - quite a huge accomplishment for a kid!  This formula has stuck with

Chasing Canseco – Best Day Ever

Last thursday morning marked the start of our 4,000 mile / 10 day family road trip.  The plan was to go to hoover dam, the beach in California, LEGOLAND, carlsbad caverns, visit a friend in the mountains, roswell (yes, I am an alien nerd!), the grand canyon and several other things.  The most important one for me, however, was to go to Las Vegas and have my customs signed by my childhood hero, Jose Canseco. As you may know, the flip quests I do are inspired by the red paper clip story - where one person goes from trading a red

Adventures in Tech Support

Let me start off by saying #1stworldproblems I've been having wifi connectivity issues for a while now, so I got comcast out here to take a look today.  We do not have tv or cable - just internet.  Our downstairs laptop runs through a projector so we watch our tv that way. MLB.TV has been great!  But I really, realllly miss MLB Network - especially Quick Pitch in the morning.  The technician told me I could go on chat and ask if and how to watch MLB Network online.  Great! Tonight, I hopped on and casually spoke with a support

Help! The Hobby is DYINNGGG!!!!

Boy, have times changed.  As a kid who grew up in the 80's and 90's, when you would turn on an "oldies" radio station, you might hear songs from Elvis, the Temptations, the Beatles and Johnny Cash.  We thought we could re-live how life was for our parents growing up by watching sitcoms such as the Wonder Years. Fun fact, did you know that THIS is the guy who was the narrator for The Wonder Years?! Yeah, I know!  Blew my mind too. Jokes would flow about asking your parents how it was to have a dinosaur for a pet,