How appropriate that, on the last day of the regular season, I have a good update to give.  I am now profitable on everything.  The million card deal and the thunderbird deal are both official money makers for me (pops champagne cork).  As far as bulk goes, I still have TONS … like … 98% of everything, and I still haven’t hardly touched anything.  I did, however, sell the bulk of the “good stuff” that was immediately visibly evident from both collections.

In addition to this, I picked up another small $100 lot from a friend who came over with 2014 football stuff for the most part.  I added that into a lot and they are gone now as well.  Oh, and – the gamecube sold.

I went garage saling yesterday with the family for a few hours and here is what we picked up:

The picture isn’t loading … because we got nothing!  We did get some menchies though, so that made it all worthwhile.

I still have a final reveal which, if all goes well, should happen in a few weeks.  Would be great if the A’s are still playing baseball then as well!