Describe the PERFECT Card

Every now and then I'm asked "What is your favorite card?"  I am split in my mind 6 ways.  Is it my knob auto? Dynasty logo patch? Red Crusade? My custom that Jose personalized to me?  89 Topps gold border?  Wood Museum auto?  I've narrowed down my absolute favorite to a little under items in my collection seen here. This got me to thinking.  What would be the absolute perfect card?  I guess for me, I don't really know.  I have some ideas though. Back story - A card with a fabulous back story is hard to beat.  I love

And the winner is …

It was a hard, close back and forth battle between the Mick & the Pick. Both got some good shots in, and in my opinion, this could have easily gone either way, depending upon which forum this was placed on. FCB is truly a different beast when compared to other forums, which is why I love it here and frequent it so much. Armed with the knowledge of what people like over others, I myself would have probably entered completely different customs myself. It is truly great seeing such amazing talent on display by other custom card creators! As they

Public Service Announcement about Top Loaders

Please view the video below for very important information that everyone needs to hear.

Catch me on Beckett Radio this Thursday @ 4PM CST

Beckett Radio interviewed me, and you can catch it at 4PM CST this Thursday at - A special thanks to Eric Norton (@ericnorton316 on Twitter) for reaching out! UPDATE:  They posted it early.  Here is the direct link! - it starts at around the 10 minute mark.

Jose Canseco Enshrined into the Hall of Very Good

Not too long ago, I was notified by The Hall of Very Good to write an article retelling my experience with Jose Canseco when he invited my family and I to his home last year.  The reason?  He has been inducted into the 2016 Hall of Very Good! To read my article on their website, you can go here.

My Crusade is Complete! Plus, my (almost) ENTIRE Want List … In Pics!

At long last, my Crusade is complete!  My 1998 Donruss Crusade rainbow, that is!  Ever since I started seriously collecting Canseco, The 98 Crusade Red was at the top of my wish list - perhaps it was even my first recognized white whale.  I kept thinking to myself ... they are numbered to 25, so how hard can it be to get one?  (Insert painful belly laugh here.) Looking back on my blogs, the start of my new Canseco collection started 2 about 2 1/2 years ago, so that is about the amount of time it took me to finally

This is one blanket statement I love!

For my birthday, several people photoshopped funny pictures of me.  One of which, the famous @GraceCollector made me.  My wife and son had a funny blanket made for me for Father's Day using random pics from my site.  Brad's pic made the cut!  Here is what he made me: Note that I put "Picture made by Brad" on it because I don't want the search engines grabbing this, and having people think I tattooed myself on his arm, lol! Now this is one blanket statement I can get behind! A close up .... I'm not sure why they cut

Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts Documentary Review

Fans of Jose Canseco have recently been treated to the documentary Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts - the recipient of multiple film festival awards.  The first time I heard about this a year or so ago, I have been dying to get my hands on it.  Writer & Director Bill McAdams Jr. was kind enough to send me a copy, and I was anxious to watch it. What immediately stuck out to me what the level of quality the documentary possessed.  From scrolling views of personal photos, baseball cards and newspaper clippings to beautiful video scenery of a baseball field,

The Opening Day Hunger Challenge is Done!

The opening day hunger challenge is now over! Through this challenge, here is what was donated: - Family Donation of $50 - School Desk / Supplies - Goats - Water Wells - Water Bundle (water wells, hygene training, bathroom at a Compassion center and "where most needed" fund) - Child Survival Program All this because a small handful of people decided to give money that would have gone to a few meals at a restaurant. I'm blessed to know all of you who have decided to give for those who are in dire straits. The positive impact you have made

Opening Day Hunger Challenge Contest – ARE YOU IN?

***UPDATED RULES*** I'm changing the rules a bit - Instead of going without eating out at all until Opening Day, I'm requesting you go without one restaurant meal by Opening Day and donate the money as shown below. Hopefully that gets more folks to give! I've been thinking/hearing a lot about how much we have here as opposed to other countries, and how 10,000 (I've heard more in other places) children die due to starvation and treatable diseases EACH DAY. How crazy is that?!? We can't save the world, but as I'm sure most of us are here in America,