There is a guy I know who, by the world’s standards is FILTHY rich.  The amount of time and money he gives is negligible, when compared to what he has.

He is the type of guy that, while many look at, think that he is doing alright, and probably a good guy, but if you were to be able to camp out in his brain for a while, you would be amazed with how many thoughts start out with “I”, “me” or “my”.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but the person I’m talking about is me.  See?  There I go talking about myself again.

I got off the phone with someone a few weeks ago, and he told me something incredibly sad.  He said to me that almost everybody he knows that professes to be a “Born Again Christian” ends up being a liar, thief or back-stabber.  How sad is that?

As a Christian myself, I find myself struggling with that name.  When you think about the Christians you know, are you like my friend and think Christians are self absorbed thieves/liars/backstabbers?  I won’t hold it against you, if you do.  I’m honestly curious.  I have a sneaking feeling that it is the case.  Heck, many that I know are ready and willing to draw blood in the heat of a political argument.

According to the Bible, Jesus didn’t come to raise up self-righteous hypocrites.  He didn’t say “Start a riot when your rights are trampled on.”  Plain and simple, He said “Take up your cross, and follow me.”

So, what does that mean?  Did Jesus come to form an army of people to bark at the world, telling them that cursing, drinking, smoking and sexual immorality are wrong?  Not once have I read where Jesus snubbed the “sinners”.  I’ll tell you one thing I have read about Jesus (you know, aside from the whole God thing.)  He was giving, and a healer.  He helped others.  Do Christ followers do that today?  I know I don’t.  Not NEARLY as much as I should.

So, what does this have to do with Baseball?  If you are still with me, my whole point here, is to take a breather from “me” and start being a giver, and a healer.  I have enjoyed making customs, and even more, I have enjoyed all kinds of positive feedback from my work, and my writing.

I would like to use my work to help others.  So, here is the deal, if you know of a child who is very sick, has lost a parent, or has gone through something traumatizing,  I’d like to make a baseball card for some kids to help brighten their day a bit.  It won’t change their lives, but hopefully will give them something to smile about!

Please email me with:
The child’s name
Their story
Child’s picture
The address to send the card to (yours or theirs, doesn’t matter)

Before I wrap up this post, I encourage you to use your time, treasures & talents to reach out and help others as well.  There is just an insane amount of people hurting in the world, and if we won’t be there to help, then who will?