When baseball cards aren’t baseball cards + Custom Rip Card Reveal

I remember having an early interest with Allen & Ginter back several years ago.  I was still getting over the fact that boxes of cards were significantly higher than the $15 I was used to as a child.  I was very intrigued by the pack pulled autographs and relic cards.  So much in fact, that I was willing to drop $80 on a box of A&G.  I was disappointed. I had been told that there would be not one ... not two ... but THREE "hits" (either game used cards or autographs) in the box.  Silly me ... I thought they were talking about

Forget the Moustache Card … How about a FINGER Card?

When Canseco shot himself in the finger, and said he may try to sell it on Ebay, I had a TON of people write me saying I should reach out to obtain his missing digit and make a card out of it. A week or 2 ago, as a fun promotional item, Jose played on an independent baseball team and they gave out foam hands missing part of the middle finger.  I was able to pick one up that was signed ... I love it! With exciting as this is, nothing ... and I mean NOTHING compares to what I


Yesterday afternoon, I heard my phone kaCHING a few extra times to bid my card up from $209 to $413 or $414 - Absolutely thrilling!  After researching one of the bidders, it turned out they are a banned member on a forum, though I couldn't find anything negative they said. The other person was another member on the forums, to which I reached out to letting them know I have my concerns of who is the high bidder, and they are the next in line for it. Shortly thereafter, a new ebay member bid.  They ended up being the winner.

Less than 1 hours to go for my autographed moustache 1/1 card!

If you haven't bid yet, now is the time to do so! http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Mouschi-1-1-Tanner-Jones-Red-Ink-Auto-DNA-Mustache-Relic-Laundry-Cap-Tag-/281741892366?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4199201b0e

The Mouschi Code – What’s in the Rip Card?

As many of you know already, I am running a contest for forum members to guess how much this card ends up selling for: . Whoever gets closest, gets this: People have been asking me like crazy ... WHAT IS IN THE CUSTOM RIP CARD!??! I'm going to leak a little bit of this here.  It has to do with this: www.TheMouschiCode.com Think:  The Ginter Code Lite ... for Dummies.  It should be a fun little scavenger hunt for whomever wins, along with a small prize at the end. Everyone gets 3 guesses if you haven't already posted in my

Mouschi 1/1 Auto DNA Moustache Relic on Ebay up over $200 … Plus a Video!

I thought I'd do a video of the card, auction, and contest. The auction now has 1,199 views, 73 watchers, 50 bids and is at $204.72 with 5 days left to go. Let's keep it going guys! Once again, here is the link to the ebay auction:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Mouschi-1-1-Tanner-Jones-Red-Ink-Auto-DNA-Mustache-Relic-Laundry-Cap-Tag-/281741892366?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4199201b0e

Buy My Moustache … Plus a Chance to WIN!

Ever since I debuted my upper lip equipped with a manly handlebar moustache, I have heard TANNER!  You absolutely MUST make a card with your moustache (or mustache, if you prefer spelling it that way.) We all knew that it was going to happen.  Well, friends - the time has come.  Years ago, Allen & Ginter debuted this idea with a hair from Abraham Lincoln. It was a framed mini relic. I was going to do that as well, but instead, I decided to amp it up a bit.  Instead of using an Allen & Ginter card, I opted for a full size

My Beckett has now hit shelves, along with more good news!

I'm not exactly the kind of guy who plays it "cool".  If something awesome has happened to me, I get pumped about it and write until it is out of my system.  It isn't an ego thing at all; it is more of an expression of thankfulness to God for allowing something great to happen to someone like me, who is so undeserving. In light of this, I am determined to not introduce myself to strangers as "AAAHHH!!!  The guy who is on Beckett Monthly with Jose Canseco!!!" because I think people would take it wrong.  Sure, I have taken

Stolen Card Story Takes an Interesting Turn …

Last Tuesday, I was writing about how I bought a card off ebay, and the seller refunded the money, then turned around and sold it to someone else who contacted them after I bought it, saying they would pay more for it. As a quick re-cap, here is the card: Beautiful, huh?  It was the same day I secured my 1990 Donruss Aqueous, but I was really looking forward to this gorgeous # to 10, dual patch card of Canseco also.  With this release, Panini broke the several year silence of Canseco jersey cards.  I remember seeing the first "major"

Another Dream Come True!

If you haven't heard enough of my enthusiastically chirping about how I was on the front page of the Beckett website, buckle in - because I'm about to say even more.   Last night, I was a bit bummed out because I was taken off the front page.  I knew it had to end at some point, but I was still bummed about it.  It was a mixture of bummed-outness and thankfulness.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been featured on the website! Not too long after that, I found out I was going to be in the ACTUAL