Ever since I debuted my upper lip equipped with a manly handlebar moustache, I have heard TANNER!  You absolutely MUST make a card with your moustache (or mustache, if you prefer spelling it that way.)

We all knew that it was going to happen.  Well, friends – the time has come. 

Years ago, Allen & Ginter debuted this idea with a hair from Abraham Lincoln. It was a framed mini relic.

I was going to do that as well, but instead, I decided to amp it up a bit. 

Instead of using an Allen & Ginter card, I opted for a full size card.  Not only that, but I also used my own design, and sign it. 

Here are a few other things that I did differently:

Instead of the measly little speck of hair like the Abe card, I went above and beyond.  Yes, folks – I have equipped my newest creation with: 


Friends:  straightened out, this is nearly 2 inches of manly moustache hair.  The former top dog king of my upper lip.  It didn’t care if I was speaking or not – it draped down past my bottom lip like nobody’s business.

In addition to this, I have added a piece of my camo baseball style cap.  This cap is what I wear if I’m not wearing my plaid caddy cap.  I wore it to Canseco’s house, it is in Beckett and it is on my head many times when I am designing cards (including this one!)

To top it all off, it isn’t just a piece of it.  It is a tag on the underside of the cap. 

Wrap the hair, cap and autograph in a never before seen custom design as a red-ink one of one, and you have this:

The back of it:

Now, this article is going to be different in two ways.  Here is how:

1)  I have posted this on ebay starting at 99 cents.  The Abe relic had a tiny piece of his hair … clearly not the alpha whisker.  There was no cap relic, and certainly no autograph, yet it *STILL* fetched $20,000 if I recall correctly.  Clearly, this *should* go for at least double.  Yeah, he has the whole “former President of the United States” thing going for him, but was he ever in Beckett?  I rest my case.

Okay, so maybe it will only go for a fraction of a fraction of this, but in the end, someone will be getting this Red Ink Autographed / Cap Tag / Moustache DNA Relic 1/1.  The money will be put toward sending my wife and son on a mission trip to Mexico later on this month where they will be building a house and helping out at orphanages.  Please bid!  It is for a good cause 🙂 

Here is the link:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/281741892366? – it ends in 7 days, or at around 6:35 PM CST on Sunday, 7/12/15.

2)  The second part of this is that this auction doubles as a contest.  Whomever guesses the closest to the end price of the auction will get this: 

The design prototype card for the 1/1, and as you can see, it is signed as well.  This uber-rare, back-doored prototype is sure to be VERY valuable. 

In addition to this, the one who guesses the closest to the end price will also get this: 

A special red ink autographed Rip Card.  See the tab on the side?

Rip that puppy open and find a prize…if you dare!

All you have to do is leave a comment here with what your guess for the end price will be.

The rules of the contest are:

– You can guess up to three times what the end price will be on this thread – in separate posts.  If you post several guesses in the same post, only the first one will count. 

– The guess contest will end an hour before the auction ends.

– In the event of a tie, the person who guessed closest the earliest will win.

– In the event of a tie where both parties have guessed the exact end price at the exact same second, it will be settled in an internet televised match of rock-paper-scissors … to the death. 

– If you happen to win the card in the auction, any cloning from my DNA will NOT be tolerated.

This will be posted on various forums and my blog, as well so be put on notice:  You will have competition!

Hopefully this will prove to be as fun and entertaining for you as it was for me to put together.  Bid and guess away!

Again, the link is here:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/281741892366? – it ends in 7 days, or at around 6:35 PM CST on Sunday, 7/12/15.