Fleer Ultra is Back!

I've waited for this day to come for a long time. I LOVE the simple, classy designs of Fleer Ultra. Too bad they can't use logos though :/ Either way though, still looks mega sweet. Can't wait! Based upon the ad, it looks like there is gonna be some major cool stuff in it as well. Coming February 30th :D

German Baseball is Dangerous

At church today, the sermon was on Genesis 11 and how God confused people's languages at the tower of Babel. Our pastor told us about someone who translated "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" from English to German and back to English. Here is what it said. (Narrate this in your mind in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.) Execute me to the ball play Execute me with the masses Buy me certain groundnuts and crackerstackfusig I'm not interested if I never receive back Let me root, root, root for the main team If they do not win, it is dishonor

When you land a card you missed out on previously

I've had some pretty great luck recently in landing cards I had missed originally. The latest one is kind of fun because of the roller coaster that it took in order to get there. It involves this card here: In and of itself, it is a beautiful card. 1997 Finest Embossed Refractor. Awesome stuff, right? Well, someone was selling a bunch of cards which a bunch of us forum junkies caught wind of. It was being sold by a guy who had a bunch of Finest / Refractor cards that were missing serial numbers, die-cuts, etc. I saw that he

Have we Just Been Punked by Topps?

Disclaimer:  This is all in fun.  I am not trying to bad-mouth Topps here at all.  Just another excuse to amuse myself with photoshop.  I enjoy the heck out of much of what they put out, and am a big fan of theirs.  I *love* the buybacks! At the end of 2015, we player collectors of retired greats were treated to a unique release of Topps Archives Buybacks: Signature Series. You have heard me gush enough about those already, along with many others, I'm sure. Then, Topps released this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz8aFyFf_f8 An advertisement that enthusiastically proclaimed that inserted into

I was featured in FCB Collector’s Corner

Here is the link!  http://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/showthread.php/149390-Collector-s-Corner-Showcase-Volume-18-mouschi

I was featured on Blowout Buzz!

Check it out:  https://blowoutbuzz.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/buzz-collector-profile-tanner-jones-a-jose-canseco-collector/

Cards, Customs, Snow and a Surprise Text

Buckle in, peeps!  This is a long one... A few weeks ago, my wife had an idea - that we should consider helping serve as a woman's homeless shelter on Christmas morning.  When we told my parents, they decided they wanted to come as well.  We told some other friends about it too, and they met us up there too.  This morning, the 8 of us set out to serve in whatever capacity we were needed.  We weren't sure what to expect.  This past thanksgiving, we signed up to help serve the homeless, and we volunteers ended up outnumbering the

Customs with Premium Relics

This past week has been quite eventful!  I was asked to write my second article for Sports Collectors Daily.  I wrote about how to break down and sell a large collection of cards before your wife kills you.  (Link here to my articles on SCD:  http://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/author/tanner-jones/ ) I was also asked to play a part in a commercial!  The commercial was for an entry in Crash the Super Bowl for Doritos. I wrote about it and put it in some "Off Topic" forums, but figured I'd post it in this blog posting as well. You can check it out here: 

The Collectability of Oddballs, Variations, Fakes & Customs

My memories from when I was 12 and younger are few & far between (or is it far & few between?...I'm gonna stick with the first one.) Many of my memories are marked with things that have to do with baseball and baseball cards. Why? because ... (Pssst....baseball cards. Baseball cards measure 2.5x3.5") Fewer still, are the memories that don't have anything to do with baseball. One such memory is with my childhood friend David. I went with his family up into the mountains, and we went wading into the crystal clear water of a brook/river of some sort. I

Best Halloween Ever

Halloween is not our favorite holiday.  It does boast my son's favorite color though:  Orange.  I kept wondering how cool it would have been if the card companies from the 80's and 90's made halloween colored variations of cards.  Perhaps they wouldn't have been all that boring.  I decided to cook up a few myself. Like this 1988 Donruss Halloween version: Oh yeah, that is just 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best.  :/ Well, what about if we made 1990 Score look more Halloweeny?   BAH!  They already did that with 1990 Score Rookie & Traded.  (Which, by the way is one of