When Canseco shot himself in the finger, and said he may try to sell it on Ebay, I had a TON of people write me saying I should reach out to obtain his missing digit and make a card out of it.

A week or 2 ago, as a fun promotional item, Jose played on an independent baseball team and they gave out foam hands missing part of the middle finger.  I was able to pick one up that was signed … I love it!

With exciting as this is, nothing … and I mean NOTHING compares to what I was able to get my hands on.  If you were one of the people who thought it was gross to make a card with a moustache hair, brace yourself.  You may even want to click away.

Thanks to knowing several people, I was able to secure it … the shot finger!  Yesterday, it came in.  It was just from the first knuckle – up, which is fine by me, because I really wanted the part of the finger that had his finger nail.

Here is a pic:

My wife said it was in poor taste to show the gruesome picture outside of the card, so I’ll just show it inside.  If you want to see the raw pic, just message me, but be warned – it is gross.

I’ve done relic cards all the time, so the challenge wasn’t to cut a window.  It was to create a card that was thick enough.  I had my work cut out for me, but here it is – it is a monster … a half inch thick!

The next challenge was to figure out how to keep the finger nub from sliding all around in the window, so I though it would be fitting to use a part of the foam finger sponge to put it in place, and it worked PERFECTLY.  I debated for a while as to whether I should put some clear film over the window.  If I did that, it would keep the finger as fresh as possible, but I wouldn’t be able to touch the finger when I wanted to.  You can see my dilemma.

Ultimately, I chose to position the finger securely between the foam finger piece  and the clear film.  I’m glad I did, because there was definitely a bit of an odor.

Shown below is a scan – I call this card the “Finger Pull”.  I numbered if 1 of 10 because … well, he has 10 fingers.

If any other digits come on the market, I’ll be waiting.

Have I gone too far?  Have I taken the term “player collector” too literally?

I understand that I run a real risk here of people shutting their computers and running away calling the authorities / screaming like little girls, but for the rest of you that are already about to type the standard “pfft – I knew it was fake all along” message, hold back for a second.

Yes, the above is fake, (here is a picture of the finger I used in the card above PRE-Photoshop ninja-ing.)

What a difference, huh?  With a little photoshop magic I was able to take a fresh digit shown above and turn it into something that looked like it was from the Walking Dead.

I DID in fact actually make a REAL finger card.

Or, should I say Fingers….

As in Rollie Fingers.

I rocked the handlebar moustache for the first time at a card show a month ago or so, and everybody & their brother seemed like they could do nothing but point at me as if they knew me and say “AHHH … Rollie Fingers!  Nice!!!”  (which, I approve of, btw.)  People were texting me the same thing, and even my pastor came up to me after church and basically did the same thing.

My moustache is more to pay homage to my grandpa who had passed away a while ago.  He used to have one as well.  Rollie Fingers is an added bonus of course, and, let’s face it … who doesn’t want one?  If you are pointing to yourself saying “this guy” you are lying to yourself.

As fate would have it, forum brother yazfan71 contacted me and said Rollie Fingers was going to be making an appearance at a minor league game in a month or so.  He said that he would be happy to get a card signed for me if I would send one to him…free of charge!

Of course, I had to take him up on this, so I whipped up a custom Rollie.

Here is a snippet from YazFan71 detailing the event:

start things off, some of you may know SCF member & latest phenom
to grace the cover of Beckett Baseball Monthly, Mouschi! Well, he went
& got himself a mustache & we’re not talking about some run of
the mill 5 o’clock shadow that you could put some milk on & let the
cat lick off. No my friends, we’re talking about one you could tell your
grandkids about! Well, when he first posted a picture of his new look,
the first person I thought of was Rollie Fingers. I knew that Mr.
Fingers was going to make an appearance at Parkview Field & I knew I
would be attending the game. So I threw the offer out to our resident
celebrity to see if he wished to make a custom card to have him sign.
What I got in the mail a week later was truly a work of art! I’ve got a
few customs & I have to say that this thing was absolutely beautiful
& if I didn’t know better would swear it came from a major
manufacturer & I’ve been in the printing industry for 25 years.


With such an awesome opportunity YazFan71 presented me with, I thought I’d *really* do it up, and make a custom dual card of me & Rollie.  Since he is the king of cool, I had to try my best at trying to match it … in my living room or back yard.

It took a few tries.

What can I say? I’m thankful for a *very* patient wife behind the camera.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:


On Card, Dual Autograph!

I am really happy with how it turned out, and Rollie said he thought it was a nice card as well.  Can’t beat that.  Thanks again YazFan71 for making this happen!