Introducing: The Buyback-Buyback!

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough buyback cards... Introducing:  The buyback-buyback! If you are like most collectors, 10 different buybacks of the same junk wax card in the span of 7 months simply isn't enough!  Here is the rundown: Take a beautiful base card: Have it signed, then stamp, serial number and encase it ... Then take that signed/stamped/numbered/cased card and have it signed/stamped/numbered ON the case ... and put it in another case!  These ON CASE signed/stamped/numbered cards are guaranteed to be a hit with collectors and investors alike.  (Note: the sticker is in an entirely different

And the winner is …

It was a hard, close back and forth battle between the Mick & the Pick. Both got some good shots in, and in my opinion, this could have easily gone either way, depending upon which forum this was placed on. FCB is truly a different beast when compared to other forums, which is why I love it here and frequent it so much. Armed with the knowledge of what people like over others, I myself would have probably entered completely different customs myself. It is truly great seeing such amazing talent on display by other custom card creators! As they

Custom Card Tournament!

A few months back, I stumbled upon a thread on FCB ( that talked about how someone was setting up a mega 16 slot custom card tournament.  I LOVED this idea, and immediately wrote forum member MisterT asking if I could join in.  I sent over 4 possibilities for entries, and they ended up setting up a mini bracket to pit my cards against each other. I was particularly interested in this, because I know there are several talented custom card makers out there who have been doing customs for many more years than I have, and I was curious

This is one blanket statement I love!

For my birthday, several people photoshopped funny pictures of me.  One of which, the famous @GraceCollector made me.  My wife and son had a funny blanket made for me for Father's Day using random pics from my site.  Brad's pic made the cut!  Here is what he made me: Note that I put "Picture made by Brad" on it because I don't want the search engines grabbing this, and having people think I tattooed myself on his arm, lol! Now this is one blanket statement I can get behind! A close up .... I'm not sure why they cut

Does the internet burn down if this card is made?

We know that the card companies keep a keen eye on the forums and hobby trends.  I wondered to myself what if this card was made? Each side features one superstar of today, one superstar of yesterday, one legend and one high roller. Griffey Trout Harper Vizquel Galarraga Jeter Babe Ruth & Ty Cobb.  For those of you who don't know, Vizquel and Galarraga may just be the two that carry this card to the promised land (if it were real, that is.) I'd TOTALLY grab some popcorn and watch that at auction. ******IMPORTANT TO NOTE******* It has come to

T-206 Honus Wagner Garage Sale Find

Sports News Outlet 4/20/16 Jennifer Winkley Reporting @ 11:29 AM They are calling it the deal of the century.  Travis Johnson, a Texas man struck gold two weeks ago, while going to a garage sale near his home in the suburbs of Houston.  Searching for items to sell and keep for himself, he stumbled upon something far more significant.  A T-206 Honus Wagner. SNO:  I'm sure you are still in shock.  Tell us how you came about this find.  TJ:  After going from garage sale to garage sale for about 3 hours, my wife and I decided it was time

The Next Evolutionary Step in Collecting is HERE

Topps has a great thing going with ToppsNOW and they are profiting handsomely with it. Unfortunately for them, this is 2016. If you are like most everyone else, you are asking yourself "Why are they only making a few cards a day?"  Get with the times!  Am I right? That's why I'm introducing to you: The Minute Collection Let's face it:  Even if Carlos Correa has a monster 2016 campaign, we can only realistically expect 50 different issues. With The Minute Collection, the shortage of different issues is a thing of the past! 50 different Correa for 2016?  Pffft.  How

1989 UD Griffey PSA Rookie Upside Down Variation

This has definitely got to be worth over 10 grand!   Here is a pic of the back...

Making a Comic Book Come to Life

Ever since I dipped my toe into the pool of selling items beyond sports cards, I have taken notice of the vast differences of personalities of collectors.  One type of collector has really taken me by surprise: Comic book collectors.  Over the past several years, I have probably bought and sold about 80,000 comic books.  I love comic books. Here is what my garage looked like at the end of 2012.  See those boxes?  side from the nice cache of wax you see, everything else is comic books! Comics make me giddy ... not as giddy as baseball cards do,

When Your Favorite 90s Insert Costs $43,000

Imagine this: You are at the counter of your favorite baseball card shop, gazing at all of the boxes of wax packs with tags cut out pieces of neon cardboard displaying the price of each. Topps?  Nah... Donruss?  Maybe next week... Fleer?  Hmmm... Fleer Ultra?  BING! You grab a handful of packs of 1996 Ultra, hoping and praying to get a gold medallion card of your favorite player.  Or maybe a sweet insert of what favorite player.  What if it were a ... <GASP> Gold Medallion of said sweet insert??? Packs in hand, you rush home in hopes of landing