Mining for Black Diamonds and the Case of the Missing Bautista

Greetings from hot San Antonio!  As I write this, I am in the hotel with my family.  I took them for a vacation to Sea World this 4th of July weekend.  I have been meaning to update my blog, so with my wife passed out on the bed from lack of sleep, and my son on his ipod, I figured this would be the perfect time! This past week has been another busy one.  First off - a few gems!  I picked up a cool small collection of autographs.  A Nolan Ryan autograph, a Tom Seaver vintage autographed baseball, a

When is a Topps Certified Autograph NOT a Certified Autograph?

Before I get to my story, I'd like to update you all on my 400,000 card collection haul.  I have gone through the majority of it, after hours of hard work (poor me, lol!)  I will be fulfilling an order very soon for someone, and the majority of the collection will be a part of it.  Thank goodness too ... we need the space!  A friend of mine will be loading me up with another 200,000 cards soon to fulfill the upcoming over.  Working through all this cardboard is time consuming, but sure is fun.  It is nice to be

The Quest Continues (and card / story pick ups along the way!)

Ok, so I'm going to hammer out the update for my question to go from a 1989 Fleer set to a 1999 Topps Traded Josh Hamilton autographed rookie card first and foremost. I had an ad online, selling a boat load of older complete sets for $150.  I didn't even think anything about my "boat anchor" (the 1989 Fleer complete set) as others have called it to be part of a deal.  Since I was selling for $150, I brought along the set, hoping he ws going to ask me to break a $20 (it seems like people bring along

The 12 MILLION Card Deal

Don'cha just love dealing with people onilne?  I have met plenty of fantastic people through Craig's List, various forums, the blogosphere, etc.  but man alive ... there are some real turds out there.  As a person who regularly partakes in the buying, selling and trading of items, I have come to find that most people are morons.  Ok, maybe that is taking it a bit far, but I'd estimate that 30% of all folks who say they will get something either stand you up, or their dog died for the 8th time, etc.  The others tend to be real tough

Are people normally just idiots, or are they all liars?

Over the past several years, both professionally and from a hobby perspective, I have run into many, MANY interesting characters.  Delving into buying and selling sports cards, among other things have really shown me how different people can be.  I think you tend to find out how diverse we really are ... especially when it comes to making a deal. I run into many things that I try to make a buck off of.  If I post a barbie, you get all kinds of moms who want them for their little girls, so they hop in their $50,000 SUV, and

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.  The good news - I picked up a pretty good deal last night! The bad news:  Someone scammed me out of a $250 Target Gift Card. Starting with the good - last night, someone had posted up online, several cards for sale for cheap.  I was considering not even getting them, because though it was a good deal, it was just too cheap to really make any money off of them.  The deal consisted of a few autographs, some serial numbered cards, a few Nolan Ryan, and an

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Huge Vintage Collection Find

HUGE Vintage Find Heartbreaker Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and kick back.  This is going to be a bit of a read.  I found someone online, in town here, who, had a "huge vintage collection".  That has my name written all over it, so I decided to contact him.  Finally, after a number of days passed by, he sent me about 26 emails of pictures overnight.  When I woke up, I reached for my phone as I do ritually, and look at my email.  Needless to say, what I saw aided me in waking up that much quicker. 

Deal of the Year! If it weren’t for that dang lying thing…

"I have 60+ complete sets...many are from the 70's.  I also have several thousand cards from the 50's and 60's."  That is about all I needed to know in order to meet up with an older gentleman yesterday in regards to purchasing his collection.  After speaking with him on the phone, I found out that his wife had died, and he was ready to sell everything, then live in an RV and get out of town.  He said they were married for 40 years.  He said he spent countless dollars on sports cards years and years ago at card shows

…and I thought I was having a bad year

Last night, as I was laying in bed, waiting for the wifey to finish brushing her teeth, I received a response from an ad I saw placed:  50 complete sets of baseball cards.  Ok, I'll bite.  I start asking what sets, how much, where located, etc.  We end up texting, and he says the sets are complete, he lives 20 minutes away from me, and the sets are 1980 Topps, 1981 Topps, 1985 Donruss, etc. and he said he had lots of doubles.   I was asking how much he wanted, and he said 3-5.  I thought he was saying he wanted

2008 Topps Pujols/Fielder Base Card for $200 … YOU BET!

If you know tanmanbaseballfan, you know that he LOVES craig's list.  I happily post on CL quite regularly to keep the new cardboard flowing.  While it isn't exactly a huge profit center, it allows me to not get smacked by mrs tanmanbaseballfan for loading the house up with too much cardboard. I posted the following the other day: - several hundred stars, rookies, inserts, serial #ed, etc. for $125.  I've been selling boxes like this for quite some time to happy collectors.  Yesterday, I got a call from a "private number".  I could barely hear him with all the background