Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.  The good news – I picked up a pretty good deal last night!

The bad news:  Someone scammed me out of a $250 Target Gift Card.

Starting with the good – last night, someone had posted up online, several cards for sale for cheap.  I was considering not even getting them, because though it was a good deal, it was just too cheap to really make any money off of them. 

The deal consisted of a few autographs, some serial numbered cards, a few Nolan Ryan, and an Astros throwback jersey (new, sealed in the bag.) 

I’m a sucker for those 80’s bright Astros colors, so that is what hooked me!  The seller was really nice, and even threw in several cards, as well as about 400 top loaders.  Then … get this … he invited me to go to a Houston Texans signing!  After meeting him, I just thought – wow, what a nice guy!  I wish I would be able to go, but either way – great to see such a nice person. 

I should be able to sell everything for a good price, and keep a pretty rockin’ jersey, which I am wearing right now. 

Now, the bad.  I put up online, a Target gift card for sale for $230.  It was for $250.  Someone emailed me saying they would have their daughter pick it up.  I texted them, and we talked back & forth … one thing they wanted was to get on three way with me and have me call Target to verify the number.  I punched in the numbers, and sure enough $250 balance. 

He said ok, my daughter is on her way to the bank already, and will be there soon.  15-20 minutes past, and guess what?  I called in to see if anything was fishy. 

Your balance is $0.  Thank you for calling.


I went off on a tirade of a text to him.  How dare he rip me off, I’m getting the police involved, etc.  All of my texts ….

…were to the wrong person.  WHOOPS!!!  So now, I have one dude who ripped me off for $250, and another who probably things I’m a lunatic! 

I called Target, and they said I would need to file a police report.  When asked why they couldn’t just put a hold on the funds, they said (and rather rudely, might I add) that they will NOT lift a finger … until a police report is filed. 

I filed a report, and the police officer was here to take my info fairly quickly.  Nice guy too.  While he was here, I tried to block out of my mind what my neighbors must be thinking with a cop car in front of my house.  I called Target back to give them the case number, and I got the same jerk…err…person… and he basically said regardless, it is probably a lost cause. 

The officer suggested I go to the Target down the street and speak with someone face to face.  The lady I spoke with, was VERY nice and understanding.  Her words:  “We will definitely take care of you and make sure you get your money back.”  I asked her again, and she confirmed again!  A sigh of relief on this side, let me tell ya.

Stay tuned for what happens next!