If you know tanmanbaseballfan, you know that he LOVES craig’s list.  I happily post on CL quite regularly to keep the new cardboard flowing.  While it isn’t exactly a huge profit center, it allows me to not get smacked by mrs tanmanbaseballfan for loading the house up with too much cardboard.

I posted the following the other day:  http://houston.craigslist.org/clt/2726503863.html – several hundred stars, rookies, inserts, serial #ed, etc. for $125.  I’ve been selling boxes like this for quite some time to happy collectors. 

Yesterday, I got a call from a “private number”.  I could barely hear him with all the background noise, and immediately asked “You got any Babe Ruth?”  Then he rattled a few more names.  I then told him that I’m sorry, but it is all new stuff that I have.  He then quickly asked “you got any Pujols???”  I told him in this collection, there were 7 or 8 with Prince Fielder in the card – a 2008 Topps card.  He quickly snapped in “I’ll give you 200 for it.” 

I said “$200?  No, I don’t think we can do that!”  He fired back “Come on – you sound like a reasonable guy.  Let’s do this.  Where can we meet?” 

This guy is making me feel really uncomfy right now, so I told him I was asking $125 for the entire collection and the Pujols was only a $1 card at best, to which he responded he could do easily and wanted to meet. 

Is this the CLCK?  (Craig’s List Cardboard Killer).  If so, I don’t want to find out!  I think I’ll hold onto my $200 Pujols cards for a while, until the right (non-pyscho) buyer comes along.