Mantle, Maris and Jackie Robinson – Need I say more?

For reasons I do not wish to get into publicly, this past decade has had many years of pain and agony.  It is funny how when life goes smoothly, each day seems to zip by quickly.  These past few years have been filled with those kinds of days (Thank you Lord - keep 'em coming!) Blogging has been good therapy for me, and has become a fun hobby as well.  It really is great - I have been fortunate enough to have received a ton of flattering feedback, and have been able to use it as a way to chronicle

Card Revived from the Trash Heap

During my collecting journey, I've made some pretty good friendships with others.  Two of them are very close to Canseco.  One of them pitches to him before games to warm him up and in home run derbies.  At Jose's 51st birthday party, he mentioned the poker cards I made him.  Canseco said "Oh yeah, Tanner made these for me - I love them - they are my favorite!" To hear that your favorite player say something like that about what you made for him AND remember your name (oh yeah, my name is on the back of the cards) -

Custom Time with a Babe Ruth Bat

Since taking apart several 1 of 1's at the requests of their owners to create something truly unique - and posting them - I have had a number of critics.  While several have said they like what I came up with more than what the card companies created, many just thought it was "wrong" to do...regardless of how nice they turned out. One thing that has come out of this whole ordeal is apparently what many of the card companies have been putting out simply are not enough to keep people satisfied.  I have had a lot of interest in

When baseball cards aren’t baseball cards + Custom Rip Card Reveal

I remember having an early interest with Allen & Ginter back several years ago.  I was still getting over the fact that boxes of cards were significantly higher than the $15 I was used to as a child.  I was very intrigued by the pack pulled autographs and relic cards.  So much in fact, that I was willing to drop $80 on a box of A&G.  I was disappointed. I had been told that there would be not one ... not two ... but THREE "hits" (either game used cards or autographs) in the box.  Silly me ... I thought they were talking about

Forget the Moustache Card … How about a FINGER Card?

When Canseco shot himself in the finger, and said he may try to sell it on Ebay, I had a TON of people write me saying I should reach out to obtain his missing digit and make a card out of it. A week or 2 ago, as a fun promotional item, Jose played on an independent baseball team and they gave out foam hands missing part of the middle finger.  I was able to pick one up that was signed ... I love it! With exciting as this is, nothing ... and I mean NOTHING compares to what I

The Mouschi Code – What’s in the Rip Card?

As many of you know already, I am running a contest for forum members to guess how much this card ends up selling for: . Whoever gets closest, gets this: People have been asking me like crazy ... WHAT IS IN THE CUSTOM RIP CARD!??! I'm going to leak a little bit of this here.  It has to do with this: Think:  The Ginter Code Lite ... for Dummies.  It should be a fun little scavenger hunt for whomever wins, along with a small prize at the end. Everyone gets 3 guesses if you haven't already posted in my

Mouschi 1/1 Auto DNA Moustache Relic on Ebay up over $200 … Plus a Video!

I thought I'd do a video of the card, auction, and contest. The auction now has 1,199 views, 73 watchers, 50 bids and is at $204.72 with 5 days left to go. Let's keep it going guys! Once again, here is the link to the ebay auction:

Buy My Moustache … Plus a Chance to WIN!

Ever since I debuted my upper lip equipped with a manly handlebar moustache, I have heard TANNER!  You absolutely MUST make a card with your moustache (or mustache, if you prefer spelling it that way.) We all knew that it was going to happen.  Well, friends - the time has come.  Years ago, Allen & Ginter debuted this idea with a hair from Abraham Lincoln. It was a framed mini relic. I was going to do that as well, but instead, I decided to amp it up a bit.  Instead of using an Allen & Ginter card, I opted for a full size

Ripping Apart More 1 of 1’s, plus a Custom Frame and … a Lego Relic Card?

This week, I had several things going on.  I updated my checklist up to 2014, which took HOURS, but it was worth it.  The only downside I see is how many cards are out there that I will never see.  Did you know that Canseco has over 300 cards that are 1/1's alone?  Crazy!  Hopefully my checklist will assist others when they are digging in their collections to sell me Canseco cards I don't have. One of the cards that came in this week was a 2015 Gypsy Queen Canseco autographed mini #/10.  Topps never put it in a frame,

FREE Card!

There is a guy I know who, by the world's standards is FILTHY rich.  The amount of time and money he gives is negligible, when compared to what he has. He is the type of guy that, while many look at, think that he is doing alright, and probably a good guy, but if you were to be able to camp out in his brain for a while, you would be amazed with how many thoughts start out with "I", "me" or "my". I'm embarrassed to say this, but the person I'm talking about is me.  See?  There I go