This week, I had several things going on.  I updated my checklist up to 2014, which took HOURS, but it was worth it.  The only downside I see is how many cards are out there that I will never see.  Did you know that Canseco has over 300 cards that are 1/1’s alone?  Crazy!  Hopefully my checklist will assist others when they are digging in their collections to sell me Canseco cards I don’t have.

One of the cards that came in this week was a 2015 Gypsy Queen Canseco autographed mini #/10.  Topps never put it in a frame, so I bought a donor GQ card, pulled out the mini relic and wrapped it around my new Canseco mini Auto.  I think it looks MUCH better than just some tiny card floating in a regular sized card holder.

Speaking of frames, I ended up having some fun with the lego theme, and started thinking what if I actually embedded a lego piece IN the card?  It could be a “game used relic”.

So…I did.

I think it was good for a laugh at least!  I did have another donor frame come in, though and it was a 2006 Allen & Ginter frame again.  This time, it was to house the mini I had Canseco sign.

I LOVE how it came out.  Red ink, the 1/1 notation.  If you look closely, you will see a mustache.  Jose said “Ahh, I see the mustache…that’s old school!”  I don’t think he knew that the mustache wasn’t his.  Truth be told, it is mine.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated mini customs for me to finish up is the card I made from a piece of the game used bat I chopped up.  It is thicker than a regular mini, so I ended up having to design and make a custom frame for it.  I didn’t want something that looked like it was created in celebration of the supreme court’s recent decision like the A&G frame, but I also didn’t want something as plain as the GQ frame, either.

After several iterations, here is what I came up with:  Oh yeah, Canseco signed his game used bat card, of course!

I love how the refractive qualities of the frame go with the wood of the card & hope a real card company will do something similar with their frames.

I also ended up making a Canseco bat knob card as well.  The cool thing for me about this one is that I was able to use a picture that my wife took of him when we were at his house.

I had him hand number the knob slice, photoshopped the Yankees hat on him, and voila!

That’s all for this week, kids.  Don’t forget to tune in here next week when I attempt to make a custom Mike Trout 1/1 out of a real fish and some relish!