Evenin’ boys and girls! Tonight, we are going to have our maiden post called “What’s on my Desk with Bart Man?” This is really mainly a way for me to showcase a random card I have decided to display by my monitor, on my desk to appreciate what I have, instead of always thinking about what I don’t have.

First up is what I’m displaying and enjoying now.


2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch

I picked this up from a fellow collector named Kurt who has commissioned me to do several high end pieces for his collection. Thanks TONS again Kurt for parting with this, and a few others from your collection – I love it!

A little history on it: this card is rare. Like, very rare. These were inserted at just 1 per 10,000 packs. It looks like series 1 had 19 cards in the checklist, so in order to pull the Canseco, it may have taken you a staggering 190,000 packs! At $1 a pack, that is the cost of a mighty nice house!

It is odds like that which make me even more appreciative of cards like this. The absolutely killer patch seals the deal for me.

So, there you have it – the very first “What’s on My Desk with Bart Man?” inductee 🙂