A friend of mine came over today to pick up 100 boxes of unopened stuff – the last of my “new” stash (the ’06 to ’12 boxes).  I found out it was his birthday, so I thought this was perfect.  He had spent a long time building the 2012 Gypsy Queen set, and a while back, he sent me a pic of him in uniform while on the phone.  The pic was apparently taken by a flip phone camera, so I was a bit worried about quality.

After we talked about the 8,000 pound cardboard gorilla in my garage, I asked him if he liked red or blue autographs best.  Puzzled for a second, he finally answered red.

I told him good, because I’m going to need for you to autograph this.  I gave him his card


He loved it.  I was really happy to see how much he liked it.  I pulled out another copy and had him sign my version in blue so that way I have one too.  Here is the card: