I was on one of my favorite sports card trading forums today, and someone was speaking about getting some cards with rewards points from their credit card.  We only have one credit card, and I only use it to pay for some biz stuff, but I logged in and found out I had 62,000+ points!  I knew we had a lot, but never did anything with them, since we just don’t do anything with the card, besides pay off the balance once a month.

I decided to dig in deeper, and found out I could get $313 cash.  Eh, ok. 

Then looked even deeper … GIFT CARDS! 

There they were – Target Gift Cards.  $250 card for 25,000.  $50 for 7,750, etc.  I ended up redeeming them for $570 worth of gift cards for Target!  YAY!!!  So that means, I can either sell on Craig’s List and try to get $525 or so, or blow it all on blasters.

I’m thinking I’m blowing them all on blasters. 

Including tax, at $21.65 each, that means I can get about 26 of them.  That is pretty great to think about.  Not to mention possibly getting some of the cheaper ones for $10 or $15. 

Considering the $313 they were going to give me cash, that is kind of like me getting the $20 blasters for about $12 each. 

The only catch is, that it apparently is going to take 2-3 weeks to get here.  MAAANNNN.  The interwebs hath spoiled me.  When I want something, I look it up, and WHAMMO.  It is here. 

Maybe, just maybe, some value boxes from Topps will be here by then, just like they did last year.  I don’t recall when they came out last year, but hopefully that’s how it will work again. 

2-3 weeks means that I have time to research!