A HORRIBLY Depressing Saturday

We all know the Easter story.  Jesus died on the cross and rose again on Sunday.  If you are a christian, it should be a big deal, but for most of us, it is not.  To be honest, the first thing that comes to my mind are cadbury eggs and reeces peanut butter eggs.  Seriously, y'all - I could eat those things all day long on Sunday until I'm puking.  Thankfully, I have a wife who would smack me upside the head if I tried. If you have a minute, I wanted to dig in a bit to the lesser remembered

Buttoning Up a Massive Trade

Dealing with collectors that go after the same cards you go for can be very difficult.  In fact, many people think it is a waste of time and impossible to do deals with people in your same space.  On the outside, it seems like those who go after the same cards you go after should be seen as nothing more but a competitor/enemy.  In my several years strictly as a reseller, I remember coming across a thread that someone posted talking about collector competitors.  I thought it was funny, and never gave it much thought. Now I know what he was talking

OUTRAGED at the 4 new proposed MLB changes for 2018

I have not been a fan of many (any) of the changes that have been happening over the past few years, but 2018 is ridiculous.  This laundry list of garbage is apparently close to being a real thing. The higher ups have paid attention to social trends, and the marketing folks have determined that the viewership will increase dramatically among the 13-21 demographic if games can ultimately be played in under an hour.  These are their attempts to make it happen:   1)  Designated Hitters will be dissolved:  NO!  This is the wrong way.  IMO, if anything, the NL should adopt the

Crazy Triple Booklet Custom

Over the past three years, I've done a lot of different things.  I've tried to do things that card companies have not done before.  There is one thing I've shied away from, and that is using super premium pieces.  It is coming up on two years since I was at Canseco's house, and while I have no shortage of player-worn material, I have not done much in the way of custom cards with premium pieces. The main reason for this is because I simply haven't felt "good enough", so to speak, to cut into a lot of the good stuff

Analyzing the Peaks and Valleys of Collecting

If you are a player or team collector, it is my hope you can identify with this.  Heck, you could probably copy/paste this in Word and do a find/replace of my guy with yours and it would still be applicable. I wanted to take little time this evening and muse about the peaks and valleys of collecting.  It has so many highs and lows.  It consists of friends, enemies and frenemies.  You win a new "trophy" card, and show it off for all to see, or you can spend the rest of the evening pining about the card you missed

Filling a Void

As a focused card collector, you probably appreciate checklists.  You might actually live and die by them.  It gives you something to shoot for - there is a tangible finish line, so to speak.  With the invention of 1/1's and crazy amounts of parallels, that finish line has become all but a mirage, like an oasis in a desert.  As collectors, what are we to do?  Well, you can go one of two ways. 1) Self-imposed limits - Since having 100% of the cards of a player or team is impossible now, I've seen many people say they will ONLY

An Unknown Holy Grail has Landed

If I'm being honest, I'd have to say that the Christmas season and new years just didn't seem "festive". It may have been the weather (it has been getting up past 80 degrees here at times), but I'm not quite sure exactly what it was. To help it to feel more like winter, we agreed to play broom hockey with my friend's church. I decided to facebook it: "Broom Hockey at Midnight" A lot of people had a blast making fun of me, because apparently there is no such thing as "broom hockey". It is "broom ball". :/ A good

Errors & Variations: A Love Story

THE SUMMER OF 1990 Monday Morning: (Line trilling....) Dealer: Thahhh Bullpen!? (I loved how Mike the dealer would say this - he would start in a normal voice, but would drop and octave between the 2 words and raise his voice back up to make "The Bullpen" sound like a question.)  Me:  Uhmmm...Yes.  Hi.  I was wondering...I have a 1990 Fleer Felix Jose, and his bat is covering some of the A's Logo.  Is that an error card? Dealer:  No, it isn't. Tuesday Morning: Dealer: Thahhh Bullpen!? Me:  Uhhhmmm...Hi!  I noticed that the 1990 Mother's Cookies Will Clark shows him

My Crusade is Complete! Plus, my (almost) ENTIRE Want List … In Pics!

At long last, my Crusade is complete!  My 1998 Donruss Crusade rainbow, that is!  Ever since I started seriously collecting Canseco, The 98 Crusade Red was at the top of my wish list - perhaps it was even my first recognized white whale.  I kept thinking to myself ... they are numbered to 25, so how hard can it be to get one?  (Insert painful belly laugh here.) Looking back on my blogs, the start of my new Canseco collection started 2 about 2 1/2 years ago, so that is about the amount of time it took me to finally

Birthdays, Customs and Collection Additions

The month of May marks two important landmarks for me.  One, that I will turn 36 years young this Monday (I swear I don't feel a day over 34) and two, the birthday of something I have grown quite attached to.  My moustache. It has been a magical year - my first year as a moustachioed man.  Whenever I'm down after having eaten a delicious slice of cake, my moustache brings me great joy by surprising me with a little extra icing it saved me.  Through thick and thin, it still finds the strength to curl and make others smile.