So, it looks like my story was picked up by Beckett! I hope to be in the hard copy magazine as well.

Since they posted a few pics of some customs I had signed, I guess I’ll continue on with telling about them!

In typical unorthodox mouschi form, I destroyed $20 worth of Canseco rookies to make a booklet.

At long last, here it is … autographed! If you don’t read the above link, it probably won’t make sense, but for cliff’s notes, a few people were nice enough to send me some of their beat up Canseco rookies for free so I could hack them up, and make a booklet which included a piece of each major rookie card from Canseco.

Hmmmm, I seem to recall Topps cutting up some weird things too for their latest minor league release.

Anyway, here she is!

Next up, is a card I took cuts from Canseco’s 2 books. Here is what it looked like:

When I was done, my wife said “that looks great, but you named it ATHLETES to authors … where is the baseball stuff?”


So I re-did it and came up with this.

What I used is ALL legit Canseco stuff … except for the ball. I got that from the game my family and I went to for my birthday. The memories were great enough that I decided to forego using a game used ball I picked up from a game Canseco was in.

So, here it is signed!

It is one of my wife’s favorites. It is inscribed 6x All-Star and 2x Author. When he was done with that, he asked “Do you want me to write in Juiced and Vindicated also?”


So he did 🙂

Oh, and for those of you interested in checking out the beckett writeup, here you go.