Tonight, we are having a “Scrubs Musical” party for my birthday.  For those of you who haven’t watched Scrubs before, do it – do it now.  NO – first read this posting, then watch it – you will thank me!  The musical is season 6, episode 6, on netflix.

Yesterday and this morning however, I have been spending time doing a few things I really enjoy:  writing and card creating!  You only turn 21 once.

Though that happened 14 years ago for me, I figured I’d share my latest concoctions online.  I really enjoy the positive feedback, so why not post on my birthday?

Everyone knows Canseco’s first Topps card ever made. On one of my previous threads, I had taken a picture of the various versions I had of it in my collection (though, I accidentally left out a few.)

The superfractor is something I came up with, of course.  A while back, I remember someone doing an Allen & Ginter card using the same picture.  I don’t believe it was ever “produced” by anyone, so I figured why not?  I just did my mustachioed version of an A&G card.

I sprinkled some magic custom dust and whammo!

The Canseco version.  I really love it.

Then, I thought to myself – “Self!  What could I do better?”

After twirling my mustache a bit, I thought … why not do the world’s first mustache transplant?  Maaahhhvelous!

Canseco with a boss mustache – I don’t think life gets any better than this.

Then I remembered the game used bat I had just cut up….

Okay … maybe I didn’t “just” think about it.  Maybe I had pre-cut some slices to certain dimensions for something crazy.

Is it possible that I had pre-meditated something so insane…so dastardly, that my collection would never be the same?

After sanding the trapezoid to a rectangle, I wanted to give something a try.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about a game used bat card.

NO NO NO NO NO.  Not a baseball card with a piece of a game used bat embedded in it.  I’m talking about a a baseball card that is actually MADE out of a piece of the game used bat.   

This took a long, long time folks.  The learning curve was something.  The trips back and forth to various shops was sizable … almost as big as the blister on my thumb from having to re-do the dang thing three times.

Part of this requires transferring the art to the wood after about 8 hours of drying.  Now, is the moment of truth …

Gently rubbing it all off ….

Looking good!

The final product!

And of course, the back.

So there you have it – my first REAL game used bat card.  I figured I’d leave the ‘stache to the regular version.  I hope to get it signed of course, at some point, and will likely make my own custom frame similar to what A&G & Gypsy Queen do.  I really wish that they would make the wood cards out of game used bat pieces at some point down the road.  I think those pieces would mean a lot more to collectors.

As always, thanks everyone for reading, and for your positive comments – they make my birthday that much better.  However, if you REALLY wanted me to have a good birthday, please note that I do accept visa and mastercard.